Hola from Mexico!

The last report I wrote to you, I wrote in a cab on the way to Chichen Itza with the team.  We spent the day this past Wednesday taking a tour through the complex of the Mayan ruins.  A massive step pyramid (called El Castillo) dominates the ancient city, which thrived from around 600 A.D. to the 1200’s.  Other structures are still standing too, like the Temple of the Warriors, the ball court, and the Wall of the Skulls.  It was absolutely fascinating to listen to our guide bring this archaeological masterpiece to life.  You could tell how very proud he was of the historic site…actually a UNESCO World Heritage Site!  After our tour, we put our rookie bartering skills to the test as we shopped for souvenirs and gifts at the booths that lined every sidewalk and road.  (I know that most of us are still rookie barterers because of a mealtime line up order we did yesterday: single most expensive item you have bought, most to the least.  At the front of the food line were some mega peso spenders!!! Regardless of how much was spent, everyone is thrilled with their purchases, which is what really matters!!  Some of you will be the lucky recipients of these Mexican gems.:))  With our minds full of Mayan knowledge and culture and our bags full of purchased memories, we journeyed back home, resplendent in the joy we all felt after a most AMAZING day…

Work on the multipurpose building continues to progress.  Three of the nine pillars are up, standing tall with their bases poured.  We still have three pillars to be tied and six to be painted.  We are also diligent to continue picking up trash along the beach.  In one hour, the team picked up 47 five gallon buckets of garbage!!

I asked each teammate if they could tell you anything about their time here in Mexico (in one sentence or two), what would they say and these were their answers:

Kenya-The leaders are AMAZING!  (She said this with a giant, sassy smile on her face since she is my daughter!)  Going cliff jumping in the caves was exhilarating!  The work project has been challenging, but fun!  Also, going to the beach everyday is enjoying and salty!!

Gabe A.-I am having fun and the leaders are great…they did not force me to say that!  The missionary Henry is amazing too and we are doing pretty good in our work.

Emily-It is very, very pretty here and there are coconut trees everywhere.  I love palm trees because I come from Colorado where there aren’t any! On one of our work days, we had to pick up palm frawns and I said palm frawns atleast 100 times because I had never heard the word before!  We live right on the beach, so the daily ocean views are majestic!

Peter-I am loving this team and learning so much!!  The devos are helping my spiritual growth, getting closer to God.  I am slowly picking up Spanish words and the Mexican people are very friendly.

Anna-God has blessed me with a truly amazing team and leaders.  Mexico has been uplifting and is a praise worthy place!

Elizabeth-I am alive!!!  It is awesome here!  Cliff jumping at the Cenotes was invigorating and thrilling!

Gabe O.-Going out into Mexico has been exciting.  Seeing the one of the Ancient Wonders of the world was cool.  The work has been rough and not what I expected but it has still been fun.

Derek-Mexico is amazing!  My hammock is very comfortable!  The sunsets are very pretty too.

Connor-I turned 17 in Mexico and I had a great time on my birthday…especially the piñata and the delicious cake!  I shared my personal testimony in church last Sunday and it was a very impactful experience.  I am grateful for the time I have had in Mexico and for all my new friends.

Will-I am having a very good time in Mexico.  We work very hard and have a lot of fun.  The team and myself are growing stronger, both physically and spiritually.

Bethany-The work project is coming along.  Cliff jumping at the Cenote was by far my favorite experience so far…can’t wait to tell you about everything!!!

Micaiah-I am having a great time…making a lot of friends!  The people here are amazing, very kind and generous.

Michael-It has been a great time because I have grown in the Lord through devotions and in sharing my personal testimony.  I enjoy going to the beach everyday, especially when we swim and get to hang out.

Briahna-I have done many new things this summer: sleeping in a hammock, falling out of that hammock, tying steel, bending rebar, mixing and pouring concrete,  sharing my testimony in Spanish during a church service, and Bible quizzing.  We have a very close team and everyone is super awesome!

Branson-The sunrises and sunsets are great.  I think the food is great too!  It is getting easier to work hard everyday…I am actually enjoying the work.  I definitely feel that we are making difference!

Ben-I am having a great time here and am meeting a lot of people.  Our work project is strong done.

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