Puerto Rico helping fix homes

We are still going strong! This past weekend we got to work at a house nearby the church where we are staying. We were able to mix concrete and help straighten a staircase to help make it look nicer. We have also continued to clean Pastor Alex’s Church. Today, Monday, the team has been able to go to a house that was really effected by the hurricane. The roof came off so the entire second floor is open to the environment. The house is on top of one of the mountains here and has a gorgeous view of the mountainside. The team has been able to start cleaning the house up to help start the rebuilding process.
On Saturday, the team had the opportunity to go to a swimming hole that has a small natural slide the kids could go down. It was about a ten minute drive to an old coffee plantation that had the trail to the area we were going. We then hiked in the jungle for 10-15 minutes and then another 10-15 minutes hiking along the edge of the river until we got to the swimming area. They got to play and swim for the afternoon. Pastor Alex and his friend Hector grilled us all hamburgers while we were there. The kids were very excited to have the hamburgers. 
The entire team is doing well and have been getting along well with each other. They are also still excited to be here serving the Puerto Rican’s as best as they can. 
It is so different and hard but I think that I do what I need to do.
-Caleb B.
Every morning we wake up to Jeshua telling us “Good Morning!” Then we all want to go back to bed, but Jeshua is smiling so we get up anyways. I love the mountains here it is beautiful. I also see a lot of fruit here. Like a lot of bananas, pineapple, and mangos. I feel like when God picked our team he pushed the shuffle button and that is how he picked us. 
-CJ M.
Puerto Rico is a beautiful place. The people are diverse and kind. And we learn to work hard and have fun. I have been having fun with my team and learning about Jesus. 
-Selah E. 

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