S. Africa doing presentations

A lot has happened in the past few days, All of the walls are now up on the Tabernacle, the front anchors are installed, most of the north courtyard posts are up and the curtains are being hung as they are repaired/modified. The South Africa BMW students helped with getting the visitor tent up and the team worked on setting the posts for the displays. On Friday afternoon, the team joined the interns to again help with the MSSM Sunday School program. The kids are arriving later now as the schools are back in session after their winter break. 

We also received word from Jason, our missionary, that the postal strike here is now over. So far, Jason said they’ve only received bills but we are hoping letters for the team members will arrive soon and the letters we’ve mailed will actually begin heading your way!

On Saturday, the team went into downtown Pretoria and did an open-air presentation in one of the public parks. There weren’t as many people at the park as normal but we setup near the largest group we saw. The team performed all of our dramas in addition to testimonies from Spicer and Abbey. Some of the team was also able to hand out tracks to other people in the park. It was a sobering reality to see of the homeless people at the park. A few were drunk and caused distractions during our program but the team did well and kept their focus. We know God’s Word does not return void so we are believing that God will grow the seeds that were planted.

Today, we visited a church about an hour away. Many from this church have sent teens to the TMI South Africa base Boot Camp and they honored Jason and Karen during the service thanking them for their years of ministry that has impacted many of their youth. A number of national teens also came forward and shared testimonies from their Boot Camp experiences. Our team performed the Battleground drama and the ‘I’m so Glad’ puppet song. Josh and Faith did a great job on their testimonies. The Pastor shared a powerful sermon (also translated into Zulu) about David’s charge to Solomon that, I think, challenged us all. Afterwards, the host church again provided tea, coffee and sandwiches for the whole team… Amazing hospitality and love from God’s people. This afternoon, someone on the road outside our fence started a fire in the dry grass and Jason asked our team to help see that nothing caught fire inside our property. We can say ‘Mission Accomplished’ Praise the Lord!

The team is getting better as we work on our Bible memory verses and it showed at our weekly quiz this evening at the campfire as many were able to ‘quiz out’ with three correct answers.

Tomorrow, we plan to head out with Jason (up at 4:00AM) for the drive to the game park for our sightseeing day. It’s an understatement to say we are all excited about that!

Spicer W. — Hey people! We got a lot done this summer. Well over half the poles on the courtyard are done, all the tab walls are up as is the visitor’s tent! We got to do EV in the park with all our dramas, several puppet songs, and testimonies. We did evening devos around the fire Saturday night… Slept in a full 15 minutes Sunday morning! … Had breakfast, devos, and a one hour bus ride to church, where we did our presentation with drama and puppets… Got back at around 3:30 and did library reading… We were interrupted by a controlled burn and had to clear grass to prevent Mt. Sinai from catching on fire… Planning on going sightseeing tomorrow! Hope it will be fun, as well as shopping on Thursday and a full week of work and EV.

Alexandra P. — Today was another fantastic day in South! We visited a new church today and performed our show of songs, dramas, puppets, and testimonies. I think I can speak for everyone with I say it brightened our hearts when we saw the entry to the church packed with excited laughing faces of children watching the puppets dance. One brave enough kid came all the way to the front to sit on the floor and watch. In Matthew 25:40 Jesus said whatever you did for the least of these you did for me. So I think we made God smile too. Although we were at a new church, the presence of the Holy Spirit was just as evident and also, I seriously think we should adopt the African style of worship… It is so loud and so fun and knowing that the Lord Jesus is the center of that joy is such a great blessing. Concluding the service, the church graciously provided us an amazing lunch. After getting back home, finishing verse reviews, reading our books, and stopping a fire from burning down the field, we were lovingly given yet another wonderful meal by Miss Gay and Miss Sharon. So yeah, God is good and I’m excited to see His continued work through this team.

Suzanna L. — South Africa has been a very fun time. I love the sunsets and connections I am making. The past few days have been fun. We went to a park to evangelize and many people were watching from afar. Lots of people took tracks of the gospel and were interested. We had church today and it was a fun experience. It was a small church but loud when singing/preaching. Kids were watching from the back of the crowd. We had tea/coffee afterwards with sandwiches and talked with the pastor. In the afternoon, we were reading and we had to stop because there was a fire and we had to start clearing brush around the fence.

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