The Madagascar MSSM is enjoyed a great weekend of bonding and relaxation!

Wow what a weekend! Friday morning we packed up the truck and began our 7 1/2 hour ride to the waterfall. The bus only had about three mechanical stops and they were fixed fairly quickly. We arrived at the pavilion at which we would be staying in and unpacked our sleeping stuff before it got dark, had dinner then finished the night with Elli leading team devotions! Saturday morning we woke up, had devotions overlooking God’s creation and then began the 1 hour hike to the caves, we would’ve taken the truck but repairs were being done. We walked inside the cave for a good hour and a half being amazed at the vastness and getting freaked out at the bats. There was a cool opening where there was a tree root that the kids could swing on. The guide took us to the cave-river opening (which was a hole in the wall about two feet wide and  a foot and a half tall) and everyone army crawled through a tiny hole and then enjoyed a cool swimming adventure in the middle of the cave. It was very cool. We exited the cave after that and returned to the pavilion for a wonderful lunch prepared by Miss Pat and Miss Emily. Miss Emily is the American graduated BMW student that is doing her internship in Madagascar and has been hanging out with our team! We love her!

After lunch we headed down to the waterfall which is a ten minute hike down from the pavilion where we were staying. The team members and Mr. Tim enjoyed jumping off the rock into the very deep and cold water while Miss Danae borrowed Shayli’s sleeping mat and floated peacefully in the waterfall’s pool and Miss Pat enjoyed watching everyone from the rocks/sitting area 🙂 We went exploring down the creek and the kids had fun seeing the lemurs! We stayed at the waterfall till dinner and headed back to the pavilion. Mr. Liva (our missionary) shared at team devos that night.

Sunday morning we packed up our sleeping stuff and got everything in our duffels and backpacks then headed out for one last adventure where we went to this mountain that overlooked the Indian Ocean. It was beautiful and the team members and Mr. Tim hiked down and then back up. After the hike we loaded up the truck and began our journey back to Mahajanga and going to Campiland where we would camp out Sunday night and enjoy the day there. We surprised the team with a dinner stop at Gastronomies, the local pizza place they all enjoy. We arrived at Campiland around 7:00ish and set up or tents and kitchen area. Miss Emily shared at team devos time and then we all went to bed!

This morning is Monday and the team so far is enjoying the swimming pool and showers and ping-pong table that the resort here has to offer. It is honestly so fun to just watch them all hang out together and enjoy each other’s company. They really are an incredible group of kids!

Prayers for continued health and safety as we begin to clean and pack tomorrow and get ready for our 16-hour bus ride to Tana (the capital). Prayers also for the team members and leaders to finish strong as well as preparing their hearts and minds to go home. Thank you parents, family and friends for all the love, prayers, and support! You all are incredible!

“Hey Mom and dad!!! Madagascar is beautiful! We have been sightseeing this weekend and we have made so many great memories together as a team. The waterfall was amazing and cold. I can’t wait to see everyone when I get home!”   – Ashton R.

“Hi! We finished our circuit riding last week and the last ride was a little rough but we made it. We went to the waterfall and a huge cave two days ago. Caves still terrify me but the waterfall was awesome! We are now at Campiland which is really fun. As excited as I am to come home, I am very sad to be leaving my team soon.”   – Elli A.

“Yoo-hoo family!!! Madagascar is pretty amazing. I wish you all could experience it with me. I loved seeing the kids everyday on the circuit, but now since that is over we are sightseeing. We are going souvenir shopping in a couple days when we travel to the capital. I can’t wait to see you all!!!”   – Audrey M-H.

“It’s been a blast in Madagascar! So far it’s been one of the best experiences of my life. I am definitely praying about coming back next year, but I am ready to come home and see my family!”    – Andrew M.

“This weekend has been great exploring the caves and the waterfall! The circuits were amazing and I miss it, but it’s really fun and nice to have this time to hangout as a team.”
–  Shayli G.

“Life in Madagascar is great! While things are different I’m definitely getting adjusted to things here! I cannot wait to get home and share with friends and family about what God has been doing here and in my life!”
– Jonathan H.

“Hey family! Miss you tons! Just finished the Sunday Schools and now we are having fun and hanging out. Can’t wait to tell you all about it when I get home! Love you!” – Shobi M.

“Hey mom and dad! Hope you guys are doing well! Keeping you guys in prayer. I’m having an amazing time in Madagascar and God is working. Can’t wait to see you guys soon! Keep me in your prayers, love you guys!” – Luca C.

“Hey everybody back home! We had a good time spreading the word of Jesus around Madagascar and now we are just hanging out at a resort! Can’t wait to see you all in like a week and a half-ish!”  – Josh L.

“Hey friends and family! We had an awesome time on the motorcycle circuit and we are now enjoying some relaxation time. The trip has been amazing and I look forward to seeing you all soon!” – Caleb W.

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