VBS Camp is finished in Taiwan


This summer our team is doing a Bible Study on James.  Today we were looking at James 5:12 and talking about letting our Yes be Yes and our No be No.  It reminded me of a word that my son says….Perhaps.  It drives me as a mom crazy!  The kids said, “that is what you should name our report today, because everyday we have been here, our schedule has been perhaps”.   It is a lesson we are all learning as a team this summer.  How to let go of our desire to be in control of everything.  Each day I try to update them on what we are doing and what to expect, but honestly, each day has been different.  We have learned over the last 3 weeks to just be available and God will take care of the schedule.  We are praying we can take this surrender home with us, as it is a struggle for most of us daily.  

We finished up with the Camp on Saturday.  We had one confirmed decision for Christ.  The kids enjoyed this Camp more than the last.  I think because it was more organized, and in a school setting, the kids were a bit more attentive.  They had so much fun teaching English lessons and sharing our English Bible songs.  It was a wonderful time of working together with many Taiwanese Christians from different organizations.  There were at least three churches plus TMI working together to share the Love of Christ in a school that had never had the name of Jesus shared there in 120 years of existence.  

On Sunday we went to Church at Jian Ching Church.  Joanna Yeh, our missionary, was able to give a wonderful presentation on TMI in Chinese detailing its beginnings, how it has grown, and what is involved in being on a team.  We then sang 8 songs and had Jeremy and Anya give their testimony.  Afterwards we had lunch with the church members and said our goodbyes.  We moved our stuff back to Panding Church, and then we walked to the grocery store, McDonalds, and the barber shop.  Kenai, Aric, Logan, Jeremy, Nate, and Keenan got haircuts….they look sharp!  We came back and had a relaxing evening of devotions and an extra time with our girls small group doing Grubby to Grace at their request.  

This morning we began our week of work projects here at Panding Church.  The kids are working on multiple projects.  Some are laying flooring in the new container houses the church put in, some are scrapping paint off of posts, and others are sealing a  concrete wall to prepare it for painting.   Today we are experiencing rain showers, and so during the rain, they are assembling IKEA furniture for the container house.  

The kids are starting to realize that we are almost done, and the anxiety of going home and back to real life is setting in.  Please pray that we will finish strong and that they are able to work through any other issues they might be holding onto.  We have seen lots of healing this summer and I love that these kids are challenging each other with the tough questions.  Please pray that we would not be hindered by the enemy, and that we would be safe this week while doing work projects.  We love you all and appreciate your prayers.

Mikaela C:  Hi, we have just finished the last VBS and we had a kid come to Christ.  It was fun but tiring.

Morgan B:  Hi everybody!  VBS this week was amazing.  Building relationships with so many great kids and volunteers was fun, and getting to teach about our Lord was an incredible experience.  It’s crazy humid, but also crazy beautiful.  Homesickness is starting to kick in as our return is on the horizon, so keep us in prayer for strength.  I love you Mon, Dad and Mattie, see you soon!

Anya H:  Hey bros!  Taiwan is awesome, and it would be awesome to be called here in the future.  We’ve finished our 2nd VBS, and though we’re all getting tired, we’re going strong on everybody’s prayers.  Love & memes are abounding.  We encourage each other constantly, & will continue to until the day we go Home.  As Logan would say, “Amen brother man”.

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