Zimbabwe gives out eyeglasses too!

Since our last report, the team has continued daily visits to schools for presentations and foot washing. This past Friday, they also got to do some eyeglasses ministry for some teachers which was an exciting new opportunity for the team. Late in the week, it was quite cold here so children declined to have their feet washed. Responses at every school are overwhelming – almost unanimous! Probably more than 600+ have indicated a response to the Gospel this past week. The team will finish up the foot washing/shoe distribution aspect of their ministry on Monday or Tuesday. Then they’ll go to schools to share the gospel with their presentations. We will depart Thursday about 8 pm for Victoria Falls, spend the day there on Friday, and return Friday night into Saturday morning. We are all excited about seeing this “natural wonder” of God’s creation. We’re sorry we haven’t posted many pictures. The computer available for us to use is too slow for uploading them. 

“Zimbabwe may be colder than I expected but that hasn’t stopped the Lord from working in wonderful ways. Our team has grown so close and feels like family. From good days to hard days, Christ has proven His love, grace and strength continually to me. I’m so glad God led me here this summer!” Rae H.

“The Lord is really stretching my patients this summer. I’m in a constant state of prayer.” Sylvia S.

“It is week 2 in Zimbabwe the team is getting to know one another really well. We all having lots of fun sharing the love of God with all of the sweet kids and people of Zimbabwe. We are not only washing feet we have the opportunity to give out glasses as well.” Scarlet G.


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