Busy week in Taiwan

What a crazy week it has been.  We have seen your kids amaze us with their hearts for the kids in the VBS programs, but this week they have blown us away with their work skills.  It hadn’t been clear what we would be doing as far as work goes.  It still isn’t.  The church is running an architecture camp this week and building container houses that are part of a community outreach to abused children (we believe).  We are not part of this camp.  We are doing projects around the church and they can’t keep us busy.  Each day they give us things to do, and by noon we are asking for more.  Wednesday we were removing shards of concrete from a freshly poured parking lot and laying block.  The gentleman, David, who is in charge of our work came down and saw the girls hauling the bags of rocks and was astounded that they were working right alongside the boys.  I think it has been an encouragement to see so many things get accomplished in such a short period of time.  The kids are excited to be doing something tangible for the church that has shown us such incredible kindness.

This week each day we have been given fresh fruit and dessert.  I cannot even tell you how spoiled we are having fresh mango, pineapple, watermelon and dragonfruit each day.  It will be hard to buy fruit at the grocery store after this.  It will never taste as sweet as this does.

Today when we were waiting to see what our project would be, Russell went out to visit with David.  A couple of the architects from the camp were talking about needing a temporary staircase built to get to the second floor of the container house.  On Saturday they are suppose to present it to people from the community and there is no way to see the second floor without a ladder.  No one could figure out what to do and they were discouraged that no one would be able to see the hard work they had done.  Russell and Tim put their heads together and drew up a plan using materials that the church already had.  Today, they created a temporary staircase so that everyone will be able to tour it on Saturday.  One gentleman came up to me and said thank you.  I asked for what, and he said thank you for using the talents you have been given to help solve this problem.  In our teams mind, we didn’t have a project.  We were just happy to do the project that God obviously had planned for us today.   It is these little things that are really touching us.  To see that sometimes it is just about being available and listening for the need, and then doing it!  Praise the Lord for this gift to serve our new Taiwanese friends and help them out in such a tangible way.

Tomorrow will be our last day of work.  Saturday begins our packing up and last minute souvenir shopping.  Sunday we will be doing some songs and puppets for the kids at church.  We will also have a two hour time of sharing with the people of the church about our time here in Taiwan.  After that we will have dinner and then shower and head to the airport at 9 pm.  We will spend the night in the Taipei airport as our flight is the next morning.  We should arrive back in Orlando around 6pm Monday night.  Please pray that our travel is smooth and that all of our bags make it.  

The kids will make phone calls from San Francisco if prep we have enough time after clearing customs, immigration and going back through security. See you all soon!


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