Ecuador team helping to run Boot Camp

Work is going well! We are continuing to pour concrete for the floor of this building that we are working on. We also continue to lay block for the apartment and kitchen, which will be at one end of the building. On Friday, the Ecuadorian team members arrived for their Boot Camp, so we are helping with that now as well. Isaac, Kristin, Gabriella, Caden, Santiago, Luke, Sam, Dexter, Joe, Lilia, and Johnny are helping judge the Ecuadorian obstacle course every morning. Yesterday, we were all impressed that one of the teams got everyone over the wall! Isaac is “Mr. OC,” so every evening in rally he gets to tell the teams who won the obstacle course. Lilia is “Miss Piggy,” so she gets to check their tents and seating areas during the day and tell the teams at night who “lives like a pig!” Last night we attended the Rally, and we had a great time calling Isaac up as Mr. OC, and calling Lilia up as Miss Piggy. Our missionary was invited to speak last night as well, and we heard from him about becoming fishers of men.
This past Saturday, we got the chance to visit a cultural center in Santo Domingo. We learned about one of the main tribes in Ecuador and got to experience a lot of their culture. We learned to throw spears (well, we tried!), press sugar cane, heard some traditional music, saw some traditional dances, and a couple of the boys even ate a grub worm – quite a treat for this tribe we were learning about. Personally, I prefer ice cream, but they had a great time! At the end, one of the staff brought out a blow gun, and several of our team members tried it out. Caleb was quite good with it, although the blow gun was much bigger than he is!
On Sunday night, we saw the Preteens off to the airport, and we are enjoying just being us at the property now. This week we will keep working on our construction project and help out with the Ecuadorian Boot Camp. We can’t believe we will be in Debrief in two short weeks! These sweet kids have been such a joy, and we are loving every day we get with them.

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