Fiji report

BULA from Fiji! Wow, it has been a busy week!

Tuesday, we took a 30+ minute boat ride to an island. While there the team played volleyball, swam, snorkeled and saw bay turtles. Some also went parasailing – oh, wait. We didn’t allow that one! We also enjoyed a buffet lunch. We left the island at about 2:30 and stopped at a sandbar so the whole team could snorkel together. The rains (which we really haven’t experienced all summer) came, but no one minded. We were suppose to stop and fish, but the anchor broke so we came on back and went shopping for the last time. We ended the evening at McDonald’s.

On Wednesday and Thursday, 1/2 of the team went to minister to preschoolers at Hindu schools. They handed out the Wordless bracelets and Gospel coins. Hopefully, they will take them to their parents. Wednesday afternoon, half of the team went to a local kids club and played games and sang songs. They enjoyed all these ministries.

The work project is going great! The trusses are up and the purlings were done today. They also put in the hurricane straps. We hope to start the actual roof tomorrow.

A youth group from our last church is coming tomorrow night. They are bringing sandwiches and we are supplying sweets and drink. We are looking forward to the fellowship.

Saturday night, the people from the church and camp are hosting a dinner for us and Ms. S (our missionary) is cooking breakfast on Sunday. We will be going to the local church and will come back for Kraft Mac and cheese for the very last time. We will be fixing sandwiches before we head to the airport for our evening flight to LA. The  kids will be calling you from LA so answer that 321 number!

I am already having a hard time knowing that I am going to have to let these precious kids go in one week. They have all grabbed a HUGE piece of my heart. This is the hardest thing for me every summer and this summer is especially hard. I have seen so much hunger for God’s Word, spiritual growth and maturing in each and every kid. And they can still make me laugh till I cry! As you embrace your kids in a little over a week, remember to pray for me as my heart will be breaking…

Here’s some testimonies!

Luke – Hi mom and dad and Leanna. This trip is almost done. I am enjoying the last few days. I will tell you all about it when I get home. Love you!

Elena – I am so sad that our time in Fiji is almost over. I can’t wait to see you, but I’m sad to leave so soon. Just a few more days – can’t wait to see you!

Conner – Hey family! The building has been going up wonderfully and we have had the opportunity to minister at Hindu schools. I’ve met some amazing people here Nd it’s so cool to see how God is always working and present in our lives. Sending love!

Chris – The Fiji trip has been a really good experience for me! The building is looking good and the roof is coming along nicely. I’m looking forward to telling my family about it.

Timothy – BULA! Our time in Fiji is coming to an end. We are getting a lot done on the dorm! PTL! Please continue to pray for us, especially safety as we travel back to Florida.

Alex – I’m sad that I am leaving. Almost got lost in the jungle!

Shanson – Fiji is amazing and life-changing! It has been fantastic!

Grace – Hey family! I have just a few more days and I’ll get to be with you all again. The building is almost done – all the block is laid, the trusses are up and we just finished the hurricane brackets a few minutes ago and it’s looking really good. I cannot wait to get home, but I am having a great time. I love you all so much and (agIn) can’t wait to get to you.

Chicas – I’m having a great time in Fiji! Still learning lots of new things.

Emily – Hey mom and dad! We are just starting on the roof now. Almost done! I can’t wait for quizzing and then coming home to see you. I love you and miss you tons!

Christina – Having a great time. I think I need to stay, but that’s not going to happen, but I really am having a great time. I can’t wait to tell y’all all about it.

Kalia – Hey! Fiji is so great and so is serving the Lord! Can’t wait to see you!

Camdin – The leaders are good. They make good food too. (I paid him to say this.)

Naomi – The  last four weeks in Fiji have been incredible. God has blessed us with nearly completed the dorm which should be finished by the time we leave. The chances to go to the Hindi primary schools and share with the children, face some of my fears and show the team and I some of the beautiful places in Fiji which He created. I just wish we had more time in Fiji!

Karissa – I am sad to leave Fiji. I am excited to come home and share my experiences.

Koleen – I miss you guys so much. Fiji is great. The people are more than I could ask for. I have so much to share with you when I get home. The building is almost done and the roof is being finished up. Talk to you soon!

Broden – I really miss you guys. I can’t wait to get back but at the same time, I’m sad to finally leave. The building is up and we are working on the roof. This trip has just been amazing! I’ve grown so close to my teammates, and the leaders are awesome! Love and miss you and can’t wait to see you soon!

Alec – I’ve had such a great time here. Fiji is so beautiful and the skills I’ve learned, I will use my whole life. God has definitely shown me that great things can happen with small people.

Sam C. – Fiji has been awesome. Today we put the purlings and hurricane straps on the roof.  It has been fun and I can’t wait to see you!

Erica – Hello family! Fiji is spectacular and I am having so much fun and learning a lot! Love you to bits!

Logan – Hey mom and dad! We’ve had a good time. The building is basically done and the beach was amazing!

Caleb – The ultimate highlight was being able to build the dormitory in the middle of the Fijian mountains. The view of God’s design we have here is breathtaking!

Nathan – Hey mom and dad, Nicole, Alex, and Christian! Only a few more days. See you soon!

Oscar – Hey mom and dad! The work project is almost finished. I’ve had a great time in Fiji and I can’t wait to tell you all about it!

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