The MSSM team heads to the capital tomorrow!!!

Monday night we returned to the base from Campiland after a delicious team banquet meal served by the kitchen there. It was a great end to a great long weekend of relaxation!

Tuesday morning the team members began work on the security wall. It’s quite impressive how quickly they all picked up block laying without ever taking a blocking or concrete class at Boot Camp! We divided the 16 of them into 4 groups with a designated “leader” within each group. It was cool to see the team members who were the designated “leaders” step up and lead as well as still be working along side them! Again, this is a great group of kids and I love being able to be a part of this team and help lead them! The team had some Bath and Laundry time then had lunch and then Library Reading. The team headed back out to the worksite. They worked till dinner then we did Bible Study. After that they had some free time to go to the store that the Staff member Stella runs and then Michael lead us in team devos!

Wednesday was a fun day! The team worked in the morning until we ran out of supplies for the wall and then they had bath and laundry time. After lunch we did our classes then surprised the kids by saying we were going to take one last ride with the bikes and get ice cream and visit a cool beach. But we ran into a problem when we realized that we did have the registration papers with us, as we thought the Circuit Rider still had them in his backpack and was on the circuit. So we told the kids to start cleaning the bikes and we would try to do the trip tomorrow, and they all had great attitudes about it. And I think God honored that, because about 30 minutes later a staff member actually found them! So we were able to go and the team members really wanted to make it a dinner adventure to the Gastronomies on the beach. It was a great night and the Circuit Rider, Fifa, shared with us for team devos to end off the night!

Today is Thursday and we are cleaning the bikes and the building we have been staying in this morning. Then we are going to begin packing up everything as tomorrow morning (Friday) we pack up the busses and begin the 16-hour trek to the capital. Saturday is slated to be the day we do souvenir shopping and then we fly out Sunday for Ethiopia for Debrief! It’s honestly so crazy to think that this trip is over in a week. The team members have been taking about how weird and mixed their feelings are because they are sad they for this to be ending but are also so excited to be home and see their friends and family.

Please pray for health and safety during our travel. Also please pray for a great Debrief and a great time of coming to terms with this summer and all that’s happened as well as preparing everyone to return home and to “normal” life.



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