Zimbabwe gives out eyeglasses

The team continued to go out and hand out shoes at schools and they also started distributing eye glasses to which was really exciting and gave the team something new to do. We will also be making MSSM Sunday School teaching aids. Another activity that the team got to enjoy was returning to a school that we had already ministered to in order to give the teachers glasses. The kids remembered the team and almost everyone’s name which was amazing as the team got to play with the kids.

“Yesterday (Tuesday July 24th) We finished our foot washing and shoe ministry. It was such an amazing experience to be able to bless those children. Tomorrow (Thursday July 26th) we head out to Victoria Falls. Pray for safe travels” – Emilie L.

“We’re all alive (somewhat)! We’re all healthy (relatively)! Our foot washing ministry was wrapped up yesterday and since we ran out of adequate shoes, we gave out reading glasses! I should probably mention something about Jesus, so yep he’s still great.” – Ellie L.

“Hi Mom and Dad! ( and anyone else reading this). The field has been going well ! Our ministry with the school children ended yesterday, and we ‘ll be starting a work project on the base after we visit Victoria Falls! It’s been chilly but fun here.” – Alaina E.


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