Ethiopia finishing strong

Monday, the team worked all day and eventually got the floor and the pillars of the building finished. All they have left to do is the roof, although the roofing supplies didn’t come in until Wednesday. So while the team waited for the supplies, they went to spend time with the local kids outside the compound in which we stay. The team enjoyed their time with them and wished they had more time to spend with them. Maddi M., the head female leader got “attacked” by the kids when handing out balloons! The team helped her out by backing the kids up and helping make things out of the balloons. Tuesday, they went out and spent time with the children at the orphanage. Wednesday, the team poured two horizontal beams for the roof and then had a relaxing day of packing while the waited for the roof supplies that eventually came in the afternoon. The team is working to get as much of the roof done as possible before they leave for Debrief.

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