Eyeglass Clinics continue in Southern Madagascar!

Although it is overcast today, we have received a reprieve from the stormy weather with 3 days of sunshine for the past week.  Everyone’s spirits were lifted and the roads have begun to dry out.  We have dry clean clothes & we are now making sure that our travel clothes, which got covered in mud from our first day we arrived, are clean and ready for our departure on Wednesday.

This week has been busy.  We ended up adding two more locations to our eyeglass clinic.  So we ended up doing 5 days straight of eyeglass clinics, including doing a 3 hr clinic in Vangaindrano.  We gave away 250+ pairs in Vangaindrano alone.  We have completely run out of our weakest size eyeglasses today.  

I wanted to give the team the opportunity to give you an update from their perspective of our time here in Madagascar:

Madagascar is a beautiful country.  I’ve enjoyed giving out the eyeglasses and working here at the base.  I’m fully enjoying my time in Africa. – Shannon

I love life here! Madagascar is stunning and hiking or the villages is a blast.  I love my teammates with my whole heart and look forward to spending more time with them as the trip wraps up. Please continue to pray for us as we visit a few more villages & spread God’s love.  I love & Miss all my friend & family at home. – Sophie

Madagascar has been amazing! God has taught me so much and daily drawn me closer to him.  I’ve made some great friends, and had some amazing experiences.  I cannot wait to come home and share everything I’ve learned. (Happy Birthday shoutout to my Dad!) – Kaytlyn “Katie” K.

I like Madagascar a lot.  It’s really pretty here and the people are super kind. – Kaitlyn C.

The people are defiantly my favorite thing about this trip. – Nathaniel

The team & going into the villages are amazing.  Defiantly going to miss the scenery and people. – Wes

I love Madagascar.  I love what God is doing on this team and here. – Rosa

I have so enjoyed being here and helping the people seeing the joy on the people’s faces always made me smile. – Joanna

I absolutely love Madagascar.  I wish I could stay here longer.  This place is so unique and these people are amazing.  This team is so loving and we are like a family.  As I’ve been here I’ve seen God working both in the people of Madagascar and the people of this team. – Isabelle

It’s nice to actually go into the rural villages and see Madagascar. – Micah

Madagascar is so beautiful! I have enjoyed my time here and getting to know my teammates better, on levels I never expected.  Being here is an absolutely amazing blessing.  The Lord has been doing amazing workin my life.  I’m sad our time is coming to an end so fast! – Emma

The team is amazing.  I’m enjoying everybody’s company.  My favorite part is defiantly helping people with eyeglasses.  The Lord has taught me so much.  I realize that I am so blessed.  – Lydia

I’m totally gonna cry all school year because I’m gonna miss this place so much!  It’s so beautiful down here, and I’m getting to know my teammates and the Lord a lot better! – Ella

Madagascar is absolutely beautiful and the people here are so amazing.  I love going to the villages and just helping all of the people.  Our time here is coming to an end really fast, which is sad, but I’m also ready to go home and see everyone and share all my wonderful stories! – Jada

Madagascar is so amazing.  The people are so loving. I’m going to miss it so much and my team.  God is teaching me so much. – Noah

My time here has been unbelievable.  I’ve learned so much about Go’d plan for me and just how sovereign he is.  God has shown me a lot of who he is through the people, through the scenery around us, and through my team.  I’m excited to see my family and friends.  I have so many stories to tell them! –  Grace

It is gorgeous here and the people are amazing.  I love to play with the kids and have a blast with them. – Andy

I love it here!  Wish it was longer.  God is so good.  Our team is amazing and I’ll miss them so much.  The joy our team radiates is contagious.  I will miss this beautiful country. – Denice

This trip is very glorifying to God and has been changing many lives as we both give glasses and helping with medical. – Halley

So glad I came but I miss everyone at home. God is working in and through us to help the people here in Madagascar.  I love telling them all that God loves them! – Karen

One of the many lessons I have learned this summer is “Pray without ceasing.”  Instead of telling God about my day when I’m in bed for the night.  I tell God about my day during the day. Any problem I have, instead of waiting until I’m along with God, I can just talk to Him where ever and whenever without ceasing. – Collin

One thing I learned is that the people here can wash clothes in a bucket way better than you, and that they always want to help which is very helpful 🙂 When the tractor gets too full and we move from the road to the mile and half dirt road to the base, have of us walk bu tree run. I feel so good to run again even though it is muddy and you have boots. – Todd

Where do I start when beginning to explain all God has done? He has taught me more valuable lessons than I ever expected and taught me the importance of waiting for his glorious timing. I have learned so much about each of the teens and have seen them all grow that is probably the most rewarding thing.  Love you all at home! – Rachel


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