Greetings from Puerto Rico!

Greetings from Puerto Rico! The team has been excited because the last three days we had a lot of work to do. The team has was able to finish the concrete job we started earlier. Which was fixing up a ramp at the entrance of one of the people in the community’s house. We have also been working on painting the Pastors church the past two days. 
Yesterday Jeshua did a competition with the team in the morning while we were waiting for the paint to get here. The team got split up into two groups and we had different categories. Things like Teen Missions trivia, Bible trivia, memory verse quizzing, riddles, specifics about the team, and a couple others. The kids enjoyed it overall and the kids who were on kitchen duty that day even chose to let the winning group go first in line. 
The team is also getting excited because this weekend we are going to have our sightseeing day and be able to shop for souvenirs. They can’t wait to get out of the community for a little bit and explore. Where we are is pretty rural so every time they have an opportunity to leave it is a pretty big treat for us. Most are actually more excited about the shopping than going to the beach. There aren’t any stores within walking distance here so this will be their first opportunity to buy things since the day we got here. 
The work is really beneficial and it is fun to see many happy faces. It is fun growing together as a team and see the light of God shine through us to the community of Puerto Rico.
-Sabrina C.
This has been a great trip. It has helped me grow a lot in both God and maturity. I look forward to coming back next year.
-Emily G.

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