Honduras soon packing up

Monday and Tuesday the team worked on the driveway making concrete. Some of the team worked really hard. Some went and got water, some sand and rocks, and then some of them were mixing and pouring it. And in the afternoon a couple of the team members went out with some of the students to work in the field. On Wednesday, we went to our last school for a presentation and to teach phonics in different grades. Afterwards the school brought us to a restaurant and paid for us all to have lunch. After that we went on a tour visiting El Cajón, the 16th largest dam in the world, followed by a trip to a beautiful water fall, Pulhapzak. The team is excited to go back home, but they are sad to leave here and sad to leave the team. Pleas pray for us that we will get all packed up good and pray that our flights are good.

From Some of the team members:

I believe Honduras is definitely a time in the books! From almost missing a flight and Chico having to sprint across the airport. To our tires popping on the bus ¨Pop¨ ¨Pop¨! Causing us to get in the back of the truckers earlier: and getting pretty much sand blasted while being packed in like sardines. No worries we finally got there and had a great time. Even when we all got in the boat, and were really close to flipping on the way to church. Oh and we can´t forget all the things we learned, such as a mango do have seeds! Also it is possible to take a shower with the water running for only 14.41 seconds (weather you really get clean I don´t know)! 
We can´t forget the latrens (Toilet) for the boys, but you will have to ask them about that. Most importantly we have learned and all drawn closer to Christ. We are working on remembering to do everything for Christ. Whether it be hauling rocks and water for the road or digging trenches for the laundry station. We have been able to evangelize to many people! Hopefully placing seeds as we go along. Well lots have happened and I have loved it all thanks to God for this experience. I can´t wait to see what all memories I make.  –Tasha S.
       I really can´t believe that I will be going home in about a week. I have had many good memory’s here and I will never forget my first day Boot Camp, boy was I one clueless little kid. Now that I am to be going home, It is really sad that I have to say goodbye to some of the good friends I’ve made, I will always have memory’s of this trip. I will also never forget the things God has done in my life through this trip. While I anticipate seeing my hometown friends and family, I will always have a part of me in Honduras; South America. I love you! —Jake V.
    One of the most important areas of my faith that God has grown me in this summer is trust. The language barrier has been much more significant than I anticipated, and as a result I felt like our team was making little to no impact for the gospel. I had to learn to trust that God was and is the One doing the work and moving hearts. Evangelizing has absolutely nothing to do with elegant speech or my own personal ability to ¨convince¨ someone. I am merely a vessel through which God works, and I now completely trust that God is working even when I can´t always see it or hear it myself.  –Adrienne P.
     Since we´ve been here in Honduras God has shown me many things. He has shown me how powerful prayer is, and I´ve learned how to trust God more fully, By trusting Him more fully. I´ve been able to see God not only change my heart, but the hearts of others on the team. The boat evangelism and now the teaching we are doing now have been amazing opportunities to spread the Gospel, and be able to show Jesus´ love to many people.-Nathan W.
           Wow, I can hardly believe I´ve been here for over a month. Our team has drawn so close together since we´ve been here and we´ve been encouraging each other every step of the way. The weather is lot cooler here than it was at the other base, which has been really nice. We ended up getting really close to finishing the laundry station at the other base, and here we´re making progress on the road everyday. Although I love seeing Honduras and experiencing different actual things here such as the things we see in the city, and getting to try the different traditional foods, my favorite time of day is at night when we have prayer time. We get to hear everything God is doing in the lives of the people on our team and we get  to pray for them. Because of doing this every night, I feel like we´ve gotten so close and we all really trust each other. All in all I´m so glad I came here and I can´t wait to see a different part of the world next summer! –Hannah H.
          Wow this is crazy! I have come so far with this trip. I am so happy I came to Honduras, MY HEART IS HERE! I am really wanting to come back next year! Please pray for guidance! These past four weeks have been a wild ride! I have been praying for patience and humility and God has been absolutely amazing in blessing me with both of those attributes! Thank you all for your prayers and please continue to pray for safe travels home. –Clara Faith C.
        It is so crazy to think that the end of our summer is here. Though the days were long and full, they flew by. God has been so, so good. Our last two weeks have been by far, the hardest. The base here in Santa Cruz needs a road, so for our work project we do the same thing everyday. Our whole team needs constant reminding that even this slow work is being used to preach the gospel. We have had to rely on each other for prayer and encouragement as we fight home sickness and bitterness toward each other. ALL of us are asking the Lord for patience, and He is giving us PLENTY of opportunities to practice. These last weeks have been the most challenging to our faith. As a result, we are doing the most spiritual growth. The Lord works in funny ways, But what He does is absolutely amazing! As work continues, He is evidently working in us. –Clara B.
       Being in Honduras is amazing! It has taught me to be more thankful and showed me how blessed we are in the US. Love you mom and dad!  Nathan S.
       Our time in Honduras this far has been full of fun, hard work, and bonding. We spent two weeks at our first location, a coastal region called La Mosquitia. While at the base in La Mosquitia, we split into two groups and took turns going out on the motorboat and evangelizing in different villages, and working on the construction of a laundry-washing station. While out evangelizing, we walked about in the villages to gather children, and then began our presentations (which we would have prepared that morning).  Our presentation would always include puppetry, music, a drama or two, and some games to top it off. While at the base, we worked on various parts of the task of building a laundry-washing station for the inhabitants of the base. Unfortunately, however, we weren´t able to finish the construction before we left. On our last night at the base in La Mosquitia, the students and staff there prepared and amazing meal and an awesome presentation, and a few prayers as a finale. After about 10 hours of travel the next day, we arrived at the Bible School and headquarters of Teen Missions  Honduras. While here, we´ve gone to a few schools to do a presentation and to teach phonics at multiple grade levels. The biggest project we´ve worked on while here has been the construction of a road leading into base and through the surrounding property. It´s consisted of hand-mixing and pouring concrete, and all the surrounding steps and tasks. On Wednesday, (July 25th) we spent our morning at a bilingual school evangelizing and teaching English phonics The school ended up paying for our lunch at a great restaurant that had a pool adjacent-which we were able to swim in! Our afternoon was spent visiting El Cajo´n, the 16th largest dam and hydroelectric power plant in the world, and touring the waterfall Pulhapzak, which was absolutely beautiful. Friday (July 27th), will be our last day working on the road. After that, the remainder of our time in Honduras will be spent souvenir shopping on Saturday, attending church and packing out on Sunday, and flying back to Florida for Debrief on Monday. Our trip this far has been an amazing experience, both for learning and growing closer to God and to my team. It´s been amazing seeing the dedication of the students and staff at both bases, toward the growing of the kingdom of God. It has also been great seeing the openness of God and the willingness to learn in all the kids and youth in the coastal villages as well as in the schools. I would definitely recommend this sort of trip to anyone with any amount of calling to missions or to evangelism.-Eli G. 


  1. We have been praying for you all in our worship services here at the Wesleyan Homes in Georgetown, TX. God bless you for all of your dedication to spreading His love. Fly with Christ! Rev. P “Meemaw”

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