South Africa visits National Park

On Monday, we rose at 4:30 and set out for Pilanesberg National Park, about a two hour drive from the Teen Missions South Africa base. Sunrise and Sunset are often the best times to see game so we arrived just as the sun was peaking over the edges of what used to be a volcano a very long time ago. Our first sightings were of Eland, little Dikers (small deer), Impala, Baboons, Jackal, and Kudu… Later on we saw an abundance of Zebra, Giraffe, Wilda-beast, and White Rhino. After some prayer, we finally got some good sightings of Elephant, and a pride of lions lazily napping in the noon-day sun. We finished the day with a visit to a South African KFC before the drive home. On Tuesday and Wednesday the team worked in the mornings on the Tabernacle and did evangelism in the afternoon with the children who attend the MSSM Sunday Schools. The South African students and interns have been helping us during both phases of our project and it has been a great help and blessing. On the Tabernacle, we now have the linen ceiling installed and all of the purlins are now up and the grey covering (seal skins in the Bible) is up and ready to be unrolled tomorrow morning. The team has also been putting up the display banners in the visitor tent and is continuing to perform the necessary modifications on the courtyard curtains. We’ve been putting them up on the fence as they are ready. The four pillars are installed on the Holy of Holies and the front pillars should be in tomorrow morning. This evening, we enjoyed a national meal prepared by the BMW students and then heard from our missionary, Karen Shrock during our team devotion time by the fire. We plan to hear from Jason (Papa J) tomorrow night.

From the team members:

Josh Y — Today we went to the South African market. It was really fun to barter for certain items… though I think I got ripped off a couple of times. I’m thankful that we got the opportunity to buy souvenirs.

Abigail D — Our adventure in South Africa is almost over and as it comes to an end God has been showing me to trust him. He showed me Psalm 28:7 which talks about trusting in Him for he is our shield and he helps us. Although our team may have struggles, we don’t have to worry because we can trust the Lord!

Susanna L. — In South Africa we are almost done with the Tabernacle, our last day of EV is tomorrow. I’m connecting with all the team members, leaders and making lots of relationships.

Samantha G. — This week has been so much fun! We have been on our day-long safari and also shopped and bartered at a market nearby. The Tabernacle is near complete. We would love some prayers for the teams’ safety on the worksite for the final days we get to spend here! Miss home, see ya’ll soon!

Abby Z. — South Africa… from the woman at the church who hugs you and says, “Welcome home” to the vendors at the market who learn your name and remember it (and use it to get you to buy stuff)… South Africa is beautiful. The church services are beautiful and there is always singing and dancing. I love South Africa so much and Lord willing, will never forget my time here.

Nathan B. — Although things are looking somewhat grim in terms of completing the Tabernacle, I have faith that if the Lord wills, we’re going to finish! At the very least, I pray we can finish the Tabernacle building itself (because we have a lot of work to accomplish around the building)!

Hannah B. — We have gotten a lot of work done on the Tabernacle. We had our MSSM at a park yesterday and it went well. I really enjoy playing games with the kids and teaching them the Bible story.

Lucinda P. — We went to the market today. I got some really cool stuff. It was pretty for t’was great.

Spicer W. — We got up all the Tab walls as well as the Holy of Holies. We went shopping at the South African open market. We plan on leaving on Sunday. Please pray for us in our travels.

Hannah S. — Today we went souvenir shopping. Yesterday we put up half the linen.

Alexandra P. — I read Isaiah 28:29 this morning and it says all we have comes from the Lord Almighty whose plan is wonderful. As I encounter & experience the presence and will of God on this trip I recognize how truly wonderful He is.

Faith P. — Hello People, Yesterday we were working with one of the Bible School students here in South Africa to minister to kids. We did puppets, dramas, music, and of course we played lots of games. Thank ya’ll so much for all your prayers!

Emily D. — It was a great summer, fun team, it’s been fun seeing the Tab go up… we got so much work done.

Haley S. —

July 6, Did first MSSM today. We walked through the surrounding area and picked up kids. I sort of bonded with a little girl named Laura. I really enjoyed MSSM.

July 10, I got to work on scaffolding today! Fun!

July 15, Work on the Tabernacle is going pretty well.

July 21, This morning we did evangelism in Pretoria.

July 23, Today was safari. We saw lions, elephants, giraffes, hippos, zebras etc. We also stopped a fire from burning down the base.

July 26, Ate a traditional meal tonight. Chicken feet are pretty good! I can’t believe it’s almost time to leave. I loved sharing the gospel through drama. God has taught me so much during my time here.

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