Ecuador finishes floor

We are happy to report that we have finished the floor of the rally building! We poured our last slab of concrete on Thursday this week, and we were so proud of this team! They are close to finishing laying the block walls of the apartment and kitchen, which are on one end of the building. We are also beginning to lay out and work on the bathroom building – very exciting when you’ve been using outhouses for over a month!

After dinner every night, we have a couple of classes. Monday through Friday we study the book of James together – we are learning a lot! And then three nights a week we have Grubby to Grace (girls) and God’s Gentlemen (boys), both of which we affectionately call “GG.” Teaching girls’ GG is one of my (Leah) favorite parts of the summer! We talk about attitudes, dating, and what it means to be uniquely created in the image of God as a woman – along with a lot of giggling, boy talk, and dark chocolate, of course! We can’t speak for the boys, but when asked what they’re learning in GG, Sam said, “Well, Mr. Tim talks about humility and servant leadership a lot, and we need it!”

Friday nights for our team are pizza nights, and tonight after pizza, the entire team sat around singing silly songs at the top of their lungs, interrupted only by laughing! Who knew what a lot of carbs could do to a bunch of teenagers? 🙂 But in all seriousness, I absolutely adore this bunch of kids, and I’m SO grateful to be spending this time with them! They ask such good questions, about God, the Bible, and living a good life for Jesus, and they have such a deep desire to learn and grow in Christ. It is my joy to be their leader!
Normally after dinner, we’d have evening devotions, where we worship for a bit, one team member shares their story, and then we get to put that person on the “hot seat,” and ask them anything we want! It’s one of the best parts of the day! But after Friday night pizza, we do fun night! We just play games and have a good time together. So far the favorite games are Baby, If You Love Me, Please Smile, and The Killer Handshake. I’ll let your kids tell you about those games when they get home, but we have had so much fun playing them on Friday nights!
We realized today that we have only two weeks left together, including Debrief, so we are soaking up every moment and enjoying it all! Pray for us to be fully present and receive the joy that Jesus has for us in our final week in beautiful Ecuador!

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