Greetings from Mongolia!

There hasn’t been anything new that has happened in the last few days, but everything is still going very well. We had a very relaxing weekend where most of our free time was spent playing with the kids. We also had the privilege to go to a church with the kids on Sunday and spend time worshiping with them. We were able to give a presentation during the church service. We were also very happy the Boot Camp B Mongolian team was there. Maidar, the Pastor, gave us a message out of Acts 16. The sermon was very fitting as he talked about how we need to answer the call of God. Even though we may not see God’s purpose right away, it’s always for the saving of many lives. God has already gone ahead of you to prepare hearts, you just need to go and be obedient to his calling. After the service we sang praise songs with all of the children and had one last time of worship before saying bye to the B team for the last time. 

That afternoon was very relaxing. We were able to get some rest in before lunch at 4:30 PM. After eating lunch the team had some time to do quizzing practice. They did very well. Once we finished that, we gave everyone an opportunity to take the orphans to the store to buy them some treats. Everyone was excited about that.
Today, Mr. Matt, Miss Gantuya, Katie and Emma went to go and pick up the Teen Missions truck to put into the Teen Missions storage. Some of the team members back at the orphanage are laying floor in the house we were working on and others are helping repair the driveway. Also today, new kitchen cabinets are being installed.  Please pray for our Fathers Blessing on all we do!!  To God be the Glory!

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