Greetings from Ndola!

We arrived at the TMI base on Saturday after traveling from the Maton’s Unit. 
We are so very grateful and excited that the Lord made it possible for our team to get a 3rd well dug. At first we were excited to see a tap at the Maton’s Unit but we soon discovered the challenges of sharing ONE tap with 180 girls. It is the only tap near their dorms and they use it for bathing water, washing their dishes, bucket washing their laundry, and every other conceivable need for water. 
We had to make sure we timed the filling of our buckets because there was always a long line at the tap. The girls are up by 5am on week days so we filled all the buckets while the students were at study hall in the late evening and again when they went to school in the morning. Often there was no water pressure which meant no water. The closest water pump was about the length of 2 football fields away so when we couldn’t get to the tap or when there was no water coming from the tap, we went old school and started carrying buckets of water. All that to say that a 2nd source of water so near by will be a crazy & immense blessing to the 180 girls who will use it. 
We went to church Sunday and the team got to do their presentation.  They had a lot of fun and the pastor and the church were excited to have us there. The team did exceptionally well with the drama. 
Tomorrow (Tuesday) we are planning to travel to Lusaka. Driving will take about seven hous. We will be staying at a university and on Wednesday we will travel another seven hrs or so to Livingstone. On Thursday and Friday we will get to do our sightseeing. Saturday we will travel back to Lusaka and Sunday we will head to the airport and fly out in the afternoon.
We appreciate all your prayers. Please continue to pray on our behalf for safety, unity, & spiritual growth. 

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