Last report from Honduras

Friday was last day of work. They laid 365 feet of concrete for the driveway. On Saturday we got to go to San Pedro Sula to go shopping and then had lunch at the mall. Sunday we were able to go to the Chicas´(head leaders) church and then the afternoon we cleaned everything we used here and packed up for our flights back to Florida. Thank you for all the prayers!
One of the most spiritually challenging things for our team is trusting everyone when we are the most vulnerable. We have to rely on each other and God when there is no one else around. I LOVE AND MISS YOU, FAMILY!! -Sarah Comfort
These past few weeks have changed me for the better. God has impacted my life in so many ways. Before I came I didn´t know how to hold a shovel much less use one. Now I can dig a 5 by 4 hole. Life is different here and not in a bad way. God has shown me so much and placed a burden on my heart to show the world his glory. -Winston Perry
This trip is almost over! I am sad and happy at the same time. Sad because it is our last day and happy because I get to see family in a few days. It will be weird to go back home. I´m glad I came back to TMI. I was very glad with the leaders we have. Can´t wait to see people. Keep growing in God. -Zander Berry
Our last week in Honduras was really great. From building roads to teaching English at schools, I think we learned a lot and planted many seeds. I´ve slowly begun to realize the reality that all these people that I´ve been living with are about to be out of my everyday life and everything will be back to normal. However, I can´t wait to get home and share about everything that happened. -Noah McKay
 Well over the past 4 weeks I have learned that no matter how poor we are, it is still rich for some of the people that we met in Honduras. So I realized that we are so blessed to have the things that we have. I learned to be more thankful for the things I have. I also learned to have a good attitude about working. -Weston Dorn
Today is my last day in Honduras. God has moved in so many ways. I have come so close to all of my team and leaders. We just got back from our last time going to church together and I got to talk to a little girl with the little Spanish I know and that was so amazing! I am going to really miss this beautiful land and the people here! -Abi Smuin
One of my favorite schools we went to, to evangelize and teach English was the school we went to on Friday. When we got there we were split into teams and Sarah C., Josiah F, Nathan S., Jake V. and I were escorted to the first grade classroom. I got to be the lead teacher while the others helped with games and songs after an hour the kids were let out for recess. After recess, we were escorted to the fifth grade classroom. In that classroom we didn´t really have a lead teacher we kind of just played games to help them with pronunciation. Then we all got together from our different groups and did a presentations for the whole school. It was so hard to leave knowing that I might never see these kids again. -Elsa G.
Honduras is a fun and bumpy ride, especially on the unpaved roads. People here smile a lot and life to have fun! The food is good if not a bit strong and acidic. The churches are small and classical with cool services and recognizable songs. These people know how to dance too! I can also recognize some brands from America here. It´s cool all in all though and I´ll come back in 42 years or so. Bye! -Anderson C.
In one of our classes, we talked about christian fellowship. On this trip, I may have seen the importance of christian fellowship than I had before. As Christians, we can uphold each other and build each other up in the faith. I John 1:7 says,   But if we walk in the light as He is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus Christ His Son cleanses us from all sin.

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