Zimbabwe visits Victoria Falls

Our evangelistic/foot washing project ended this past Tuesday, July 24. Since then, the team has been doing some cleaning, organizing and other small projects here at the base. Around 8-8:30 pm on Thursday, July 26, we boarded the buses that took us to Victoria Falls. We traveled all night, sleeping as best we could. On the 27th, we visited the falls – one of the 7 natural wonders of the world and a UNESCO World Heritage site. Victoria Falls! A sight of grandeur, we walked all along the rim trail which allowed many vistas of these incredible water falls on the Zambezi River between Zimbabwe and Zambia. Besides seeing the grandeur of the falls, we also saw baboons, wild boars, some type of deer/antelope and some wart hogs. After three hours at the falls, we returned to the area where the buses were parked, and had the opportunity to do some shopping/bargaining. 

“What a crazy summer this has been! One thing I have learned is that God can work in so many different ways. I have been strengthened in my faith, but in ways I really didn’t expect.” Maranatha B.

I got the privilege to go to Victoria Falls yesterday. After a long bumpy ride. The Falls were amazing and beautiful. Too bad the people in the U.S. “mist” it 😉 .(from Alaina Eunpu). Only a week left in Zimbabwe.” Lily S

“The summer so far has been incredible. There have been challenges but also many really fun times. Victoria Falls the other day was amazing. It was fantastic seeing His amazing creation.” Megan S.

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