Greetings from the Indiana team!

Greetings from the Indiana team! All of our team members would like to tell their families that they love and miss them. Things are moving along wonderfully here in Indiana. Our team just finished up their third week of fairs. We were in four different counties: Saline, Clay, Pike, and Edwards. Being able to go out every night to give the surveys and share the gospel is a blessing, and it sure does take a lot of energy! Knowing that, every Friday our teams meet up after the fairs to have ice cream at McDonald’s. Although this is a super small part of the week it really is a refreshing time to share with each other the experiences we’ve had and what we are looking forward to for the next week. Over the weekend our team presented again at the TTT rally. This week their were a lot of teenagers for the team to connect wi before hand through games and conversation. On Sunday our team traveled to two churches in the morning. The first one that we attended has a gigantic pipe organ that was donated a long time ago by Andrew Carnagy, we had the privilege and f hearing it played. After the two presentations we had a relaxing afternoon full of verse review, volleyball, and at the end a campfire with s’mores! Monday was a special day, we left early in the morning for Holiday World! Holiday World is a rather unique amusement park, free sun screen and soft drinks all day to everyone make it an even more enjoyable experience. Half the team spent the whole day in the water park while the rest switched often between the wet and dry rides, both parks had so many great choices! Unfortunately it rained most of the day making things rather chilly but that did not stop us from having fun.

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