It’s our last week in Ecuador!

It’s our last week in Ecuador – we can hardly believe it! Today is Isaac’s birthday, and we had baked oatmeal for breakfast, since it’s his favorite. He also requested spaghetti for dinner, so that’s happening tonight. Today was the final day of the Ecuadorian boot camp, and their last day running the obstacle course, so that means it was our last day as judges for their OC. We got to attend their Rally last night, and I (Leah) got to share my testimony and a song in Spanish. Gabriella has also had the opportunity to share her testimony in their boot camp church service. Santiago is definitely pulling his weight as our translator!! Our Ecuadorian friends have taught us to say “God bless you” in Spanish – to wish us a good night after Rally, they say “Dios de vendiga!” and kiss each person on the cheek. It’s so sweet!

We are working on the bathroom building more this week, getting the corner blocks laid. We are also wrapping up work on the new kitchen and apartment that are attached to the Rally building. Today the block laying crew is hoping to finish the blocks for that part of the building – we’ll see if they make their goal!

We are loving our time here, and we are also ready to come home. The team is getting excited for Debrief (and showers!) and having some time to relax together before heading home. Please pray for smooth traveling next weekend, no lost luggage, and safety! We leave Guayaquil just before 5:00 A.M. on Monday!

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