Greetings from the road to Livingstone!

Today (1 Aug.) is the second day of traveling from Ndola to Livingstone. On Monday, the day before we left, the team got the opportunity to do some shopping in Ndola. They bought snacks for the road and some of the girls got chitenges (traditional wrap skirts) as well a few other assorted things. We will do the majority of our souvenir shopping in Livingstone.
On Tuesday, the team got up a little earlier than usual in order to eat breakfast, pack out everything, and clean up after ourselves.  We were on the road around 9 am. Travelling went smoothly, and we all arrived safe and sound in Lusaka by 6 pm. We spent the night at a small university. The students and staff there were very welcoming. They made us a traditional dinner of nshema, cabbage, and chicken. It was delicious! After eating, we all went to a sitting room in the university where the team enjoyed singing and praising the Lord with the students there. Then the team went to a huge campfire with the students and played a fun game. It was a great night and we are so thankful for their hospitality. 
This morning, Wednesday, we woke up early and ate a breakfast provided by the university. All of our duffels had been packed and were locked into a room so leaving was easier than normal. While we are in Livingstone, we will be living out of our backpacks and will get our duffels back when we stay in Lusaka on Saturday night. We have now been on the road several hours and hope to arrive soon. Praise the Lord that our journey has been smooth and safe so far! 
Thank you so much for praying for us and for our safety. We know that the Lord answers prayers and He has surely been answering them throughout this entire trip. 

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