Hello from Puerto Rico!

Hello from Puerto Rico! The team is determined to finish their last week here in country, strong. It’s hard to imagine that in a week we will be flying back to Florida for debrief. The team had an amazing time on their sightseeing day on Saturday. When we got out of the mountains one of the team members yelled, “Look it’s civilization!” They were so excited to be in a town with stores and restaurants. We first went to a local grocery store so that those who wanted to buy snacks could. We then went to a mall that had a store in it for souvenirs. Going to a mall definitely made the souvenirs more expensive than it could have been since we were not able to barter for better prices. But it is still better than not getting anything. After that we headed to the beach. We grilled hamburgers and hotdogs for lunch on the beach. The team had the opportunity to swim for 4-5 hours altogether. Then, on the way back, for dinner we went to a Little Caesar’s. 
We have also had the opportunity to go to a lot of churches and give song presentations in the last few days. This Sunday the church we went to even had a translator so we were able to follow what was going on in the message. The translator was really nervous but she did a great job. It was also cool to actually speak to Puerto Rican’s without having so much of a struggle with the language barrier. This church also has lunch after the service and invited us to join with them. The rice that was served was delicious! So many people on the team said that. Then Sunday night one of the people in the community wanted to make a meal for us and the team was able to have more Puerto Rican food. There was a very large bowl of rice and multiple people on the team came up to get seconds and thirds. There was also ribs and salad that was provided for us. The team was grateful for another opportunity to try Puerto Rican food. 
Monday we went back to the house on the top of the mountain which was effected pretty badly by the hurricane. We have continued to work on cleaning it up so that they can start rebuilding the part of the house that was torn down in the hurricane. Once we finished the work for the day we were given permission to swim at the pool that is on the property. We are probably going to be working here at least one more day before we leave. 
I think that Puerto Rico is very interesting. It is pretty and there are a lot of things here that I didn’t know was here. The people here are great. Even though I only speak a little bit of Spanish I can definitely see the amazing character of the locals. I feel like we have done a lot of work here and have been productive. (HIPPOS ROCK) -Anica L.
They have the best food on planet earth. Getting to swim has also been fun.
-Ethan C.
The food is good. People are nice. It is cold in the mornings. -Chloe N.

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