Hello from Puerto Rico!

Hello from Puerto Rico! The team is starting to get excited to go home and tell about their experiences here. They are also talking about how quickly the trip has gone and can’t believe that it is almost over. 
These past two days we have been able to go to the city to work at a Christian school. The bus rides down have been interesting with some of the kids getting car sick, but no one has actually gotten sick because of it. The school here is on top of a church. We have been able to mix concrete and fill some of the potholes in the parking lot. The team has also been able to paint the hallways of the school. We are also working on picking up some tile and preparing the floor to be ready for retiling. The team has been working really hard with the projects down here making sure that they do it to the best of their ability. 
Tuesday we went to a different closer city with another contact we have here. There we had the opportunity to go swimming again for a bit, after which they showed us a spot where we could get fried chicken. The team was really excited to be getting some Puerto Rican fast food. They then took us to this place called the Tower of Rocks up in the mountains. When you climb up to the top of the spiral staircase up the tower and you reach the top there is a gorgeous view of the surrounding mountainside. We hung out there for a bit and took some pictures while enjoying the view. They then took us to this small frozen ice place which was nice and refreshing to have something cold after a day of exploring.
I like the weather. It’s not to hard to work. I think it’s cool that we are in America but people here speak Spanish.
-Caleb B. 
Hello, how are you. Today has been great. We did a lot of work in the church chipping out paint and mortar. We have also painted the entire church and fixed some potholes.
-Lane Z.
The amount of adorable puppies I have seen on this trip is uncanny. I am excited to go home and wish that I could take all my team with me. P.S. I hate buses.
-Sophia R. 
On various bus rides we almost got hit by cars but we were safe and protected every time. We are also very good at solving problems. 
-Daniel C.
Puerto Rico has been really really fun. I really enjoyed helping people and it is a very humbling experience to see how little they have and how much we take our stuff for granted. The team gets along pretty well. We always have some disagreements but we have been good at solving them.
-Caeleb M.

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