Hello from Ulaanbaatar!

The team is enjoying the last few days in the country. We finished up with our work at the orphanage. Some of the team put laminate flooring in one of the buildings, finished painting, a cabinet was put in, and moved furniture. Others pulled a lot of weeds while some worked in the kitchen to make lamb burgers. A few nights ago we were all blessed to have an evening together with the orphans and kids in worship. When Mr. Matt went to the store with the leader of the orphanage they bought some project stuff as well as shoes, towels, slippers, and sheets for each child. We yelled “yay God!” when we gave the gifts and when we were worshiping. Praise the Lord for His provision. We surprised them, sang some fun songs and hung out. Yesterday we did some souvenir shopping at what they call the black market here. First we stopped at a mall and looked around. Some of us got some things at a grocery store and had some Burger King. We also had some coffee at a shop there. The team spent several hours at the black market and bargained some good deals on traditional dresses, swords, and trinkets. After that we went to another mall and spent a lot of time on the top floor getting Mongolian souvenirs. Then we took a trip to let the team buy their own Burger King again. It was a blessed day. Today we woke up, got ready, had devotions and then began our trek to a valley where we climbed giant rocks, rode some camels and did more souvenir shopping. After that we drove to the Ghengis Khan museum and statue. We looked out at the view point of the top of the statue, looked around, did more souvenir shopping, dressed up for pictures in traditional clothing and watched a talented man paint. It was raining so we did not get to hold eagles. We ended the night with a trip to a Traditional Mongolian Fire Grill. Praise God for safety and for His provision. Please pray for the health and strength of the team. Please pray for us as we prepare to leave. We have some things to accomplish before we go, pray for efficiency. Please pray we would have a good last day with the orphans and that we would all continually grow in our walk with the Lord. Pray for our focus and that it would continually be on the Lord. Thanks for the time you spent to read this and God bless you!

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