Zimbabwe Update

Our work projects are going well. We are making “traffic lights” (called “robos” here) to be used instructionally by MSSM, painting the boot at the front gate, making a “Welcome To Teen Missions in Zimbabwe” sign and installing new glass in the many windows that are broken. So far, 57 panes of glass have been installed of 96 we hope to put in.

Today, August 1, we went to Bulawayo to meet with and do a presentation for a youth group. The pastor of the church and the music director are both graduates of the Zimbabwe BMW. It was a fun time of ministry and fellowship. 

Friday is clean-up and pack-up and Saturday at 4 am we depart for South Africa on the first leg of our journey back to Florida.

Since We’ve been in Zimbabwe we’ve had many amazing experiences, we went to Victoria Falls and saw the wonder of Gods creation.

Yesterday we went to a wonderful church service it was a youth service and we danced and had a joyful time in praising God.

During my time here the Lord has taught me to be patient and to rely on Hi.” Shannon T

Our work project is nearly over, it’s weird to think that soon we will be leaving Africa. Debrief and home seemed like they would never come. Now I don’t know if I want to say goodbye to this beautiful country. We have been working around the base the past few days, some are installing window, others are cleaning or painting. We are nearly done painting the new sign. It’s hard to think that in less than 2 days our journey home will begin. I think we all are both ready and not ready to leave. To family and friends back home,… See you soon, love you all.” Ally B

Zimbabwe has been fantastic. God has taught us so much on this trip. I am excited to see how we all take home and put in to practice what we have learned.” Megan S

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