Malawi last (lost) report!

The following report is the last one that was written from Malawi, however, it took multiple times for it to send to the office. We thought we would post it anyway!

Today we’re leaving Malawi, heading to Debrief in Ethiopia.
The kids are really sad to leave “the warm heart of Africa”. Here is (in random order) off the top of their heads what they’re going to miss most about Malawi:
– The people (everyone said that!!)
– The sky
– Fisherman
– The BMW students 
– The children
– How nice the people are
– The stars
– The smile on everyone’s face
– Doing the evangelism in the bush
– The cheap food
– Their friendly nature 
– The singing, dancing and worship
– When everyone welcomes you
– The happiness and compassion towards each other
– The 5 year olds carrying babies (and getting to hold the babies)
– The surroundings and scenery
– The excitement of the people
– Davidson
– The music
– The complete and unashamed love that everybody here has, for God and for each other

On Thursday night we got to join the Malawian team leaders for their worship time. It was so awesome! It very much reminded me of King David in 2 Samuel 6: “I was dancing before the Lord […] Yes, and I am willing to look even more undignified than this”
The Malawians worship with unbridled abandon, and our team was right in the middle of it! Several of the BMW students would lead in crazy dance moves and everybody would copy them with abundant joy in the Lord. Sometimes several groups would form and either do completely different moves or do symmetrical lines, sometimes everybody would start moving throughout the room. Garrison and Josiah brought out moves that rivaled anything that the leaders did, Jacob, Jack and Bohdan were like exact copies of the leaders’ moves, and even our quiet guys like Isaac and Daniel were dancing with abandon. The girls were right in the throng of the lady leaders (I couldn’t see them very well, but what I saw looked like they were having a blast).
On Saturday we joined the first rally of the local Boot Camp for worship. The dancing was a little more restrained simply due to lack of space, but with no less joy in the Lord! It was incredible to see 200 Malawian teens fired up to serve the Lord and their country!
Please pray for their Boot Camp and the national teams!

Friday was our shopping and beach day in Senga Bay. There was a row of 40 little shops of local craftsmen that were selling their artwork. I don’t want to spoil any surprises that the kids might be bringing home for family and friends, so I’m not going to tell you any more about that.
The beach was part of a resort and was a lovely sandy beach, with perfect waves in the water to play around in. We had the option of eating in the restaurant at the beach, and about half the group took advantage of that (the others had the beloved Nutella & peanut butter sandwiches on the beach). Of those in the restaurant half had big juicy burgers, the others went for the buffet. We ate grasshoppers! They were actually really flavorful and juicy. The local fish from the lake, called Chambo , was delicious. We also had rabbit and goat.

Gotta go. Please pray for safe travels to Ethiopia and for a blessed time at Debrief with the other 2 teams.

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