Greetings from Mongolia!!

 Friday was our last day at the orphanage. We finished up some work there. Some of the team moved furniture and replaced lights. Katie had her own project and painted a table. We cleaned up the orphanage and packed all of our stuff up. That evening we spent some time with the kids also. They presented us with very kind thank you’s. After that we played for over an hour or so and spent time with the kids for the last time. This morning we woke up at 3am, ate breakfast, and then packed up the bus and left. We arrived at the airport at around 5am. Our flight leaves at 11:05am, we are getting ready to board and we are off to Istanbul. It was hard saying goodbye to Miss Guana, the Mongolian staff here. We were all blessed by the opportunity to serve the Lord here. We will miss the country and the people. Praise God for allowing us to serve Him in this way this past month. Please pray for safety, unity and efficiency as we travel. Please pray for wisdom, for focus on the Lord and that we would all continue to grow in our walk with the Lord.

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