This is our last report from Ecuador!

This is our last report from Ecuador! We can hardly believe it! We are almost done with the concrete block walls for the apartment and kitchen, and we are done leveling the gravel for the bathroom floor. Tomorrow (Friday) and Saturday morning we plan to wrap up loose ends on the work project, and then Saturday afternoon we will pack out for our journey home to the States. We are flying out of Guayaquil, so we get to take a road trip on Sunday down to the airport, which is about seven hours away. We are really ready for some time together before Debrief, so we are happy for our road trip! We will be traveling back through Bogotá on the way home, so pray for smooth travel, no lost luggage, and on-time flights!! We have absolutely loved our time here in Ecuador, and we are also soooo ready to be home and see our families! We can’t wait to hug you, moms and dads!!

Michael: “I love you Mom and Dad! Miss you! Looking forward to being home!”
Sam: “I love you! And Dexter and I are looking forward to DQ, hint hint.”
Dexter: “I love my team and the food is great! But please prepare me a feast when I get home.”
Dominique: “My feet hurt and I’m tired.”
Sophia: “Hi Mom and Dad! I love you! Please bring me snacks haha.”
Santiago: “Fried grub worm and Guinea pig taste great!”
Caden: “love ya, miss ya! :)”
Chloe: “Hey Mom and Dad! I love you guys and I miss you! Can’t wait to see you!”
Caleb: “Taking Spanish in school helps lol. I miss you, can’t wait to see you!”
Isaiah: “Hi family! Hope you like the souvenirs I got you!
Kristin: “Dear Mom and Dad, I turned my bed around so I’m not sleeping downhill anymore. I finally stretched out too! Make sure Dad is stretching. :)”
Gabriella: “Guys, I just fell asleep in a wheelbarrow.”
Luke: “I almost had a heart attack because I almost sat on a wolf spider.”
Isaac: “I’m doing awesome! I got a new scar. Get ready, Dad, I’m coming home!”
Trevor: “yo, just move all my stuff into my new room please. Love you! See you soon!”
Lilia: “Love you all! Hope there’s a hot shower waiting for me when I get home. Say hi to Grandma, Grandpa, Hannah, and Sam!”
Johnny: “Josh, you better have taken care of my shoes.”
Joe: “Hi. Hey I love y’all and I’m having a great time. I hope everything is well back home! Catch ya on the flip side!”
Miss Leah: “Hi Mom and Dad! Hi Deb!! Hi Abbey! Hi Jonathan, Joe, Daniel, and Luke! Aunt Leah loves you!! I can’t wait to see you! Mom, STAHP with the car accidents!! Glad you’re okay! 😘”
Mr. Josh: “Mom, Dad, I claim Hannah’s shower when I get back.”
Mr. Tim: “Hope all is safe. Guess what? I broke my thumb again.”

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