Zambia traveling

We successfully made it to the airport in Lusaka only to find that our flight has been delayed 7 hrs here in Zambia. It turns out there was a bird strike on the airplane we were suppose to be on and it is going to delay our 2nd flight 24 hrs from Addis to Dulles. We are thankful that Ethiopian airlines is providing for us while we are in Addis.
We could also add that we have thoroughly enjoyed our time in Zambia and we are sad to see it come to an end. Souvenir shopping was an adventure but we all learned a little about bartering. Victoria Falls spectacularly displayed the wonder and power of our God. One really fun part was that the mist was like rainfall and we got to walk through it all. 
 Some of the team members hiked down to the boiling pot at the bottom of the falls. It was very unique because the water looked like it was litterally boiling. A few of the energetic team members raced back to the top.  The river boat cruze was so peaceful and beautiful.  Lunch was delicious. As a team we ate out at a local pizza place for dinner. It was fun to have a taste of America all the way in Africa. 
We had to say goodbye to Mr. Robert, Mr. Justin, and his family. They have been an immense answer to our prayers in how they each contributed to our team. Mr. Justin was an inspiring head guy leader and without Mr Roberts logistical support, we would not have eaten nearly as well as we did.
We are looking forward to seeing our families in less than one week. We will also try to make phone calls home when we get to Dulles on Tuesday morning. We have to keep the phone call short so please be understanding with your team member as they try to talk quickly and get off the phone. 
Please continue to pray for us for safety, continued team work, sleep, and positive attitudes.  

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