Latest update from the Philippines

Greetings from TMI Philippines! 
It’s been a wonderful week for us. We’ve been able to finish a lot of work this week. The students finished cleaning the whole camp ground. It’s overwhelming and relaxing to see the surrounding area free from tall grass.Each student is grateful for having a nice grasscutter.

Just this morning, we were able to finish repairing the BMW kitchen.

The students were also grateful for the success of their school ministry every Wednesday. We got the permission from the school Principal the last time they went there to meet with the children. God’s presence is really moving in the lives of the students. BMW student have been teaching  the word of God, being able to let them know the purpose of our life here on earth. 

Next week will be the BMW midterm examination in some subjects. There is eagerness to study and it keeps them occupied during their library time and even free time. 

And finally, we were able to buy a new computer set. We are expecting much ease and less hassle in doing our paperwork and reports. We are thankful for the provision that God has given to meet our needs here. Thank You God.

In Him,
Fernando M Tan
Isa. 40:31

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