Stuck truck, rain and American team in Mongolia

We are having many challenges with getting moved from the boot camp to the orphanage.  In July the supply truck got stuck in the mud a short distance from the boot camp.  We went out early the next day to help them get unstuck.  Mr. Matt and 6 members of the American team came out to help.  We were successful in getting them out. The way we went into the valley was impassable so we had to find another way.  Many of the roads are washed out because of rain.  We met a local man who showed us a way out.  It’s about a 3 hour drive to go around the mountains.  We were an hour into the trip when the truck got stuck again, buried up to the back axle.  We unloaded all of the Obstacle Course stuff, but we were still stuck.  The driver was looking for somebody local with a bigger vehicle to pull us out.  From where the truck sat we still had a 2 hour drive ahead of us.  Part of the American team was going to the orphanage this day as we hauled out there personnel luggage yesterday.  We had spent the last 2 nights in a hotel.  We will be going back out to assist and hopefully get the rest of American teams food duffles.    Team A is doing well and at their mission.  Team B is working at the Beaver project doing work in the gardens.  Please pray that the rain stops and the flooding would go down.  Also pray for health and strength for there are many challenges.  
Thank you all.

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