Philippines in need of prayer!

Greetings of  from the Philippines!
Our situation here in the Philippines is now unstable but by the grace of God we are doing fine here. We are now on a strict security for there are bomb threats in the whole of Mindanao. A terrorist group are now besieging some places and in fact, there was an encounter between the NPA and our military men just yesterday in a place near us. Although our President had already declared Martial Law over Mindanao the situation is still bringing risk and danger for the lives of many people. Armies are now keeping alert in any possible attacks of these groups. They are doing checkpoints and guarding some possible target places of bomb threats.
At the same time, the government is doing some procedure to lessen the force of these rebellious group. Their Youth Awareness Program still continues in many places. As of this weekend, they were having a two-day  symposium for over 120 youth here in the camp ground. Part of their security procedures, a battalion of armies are now posting and watching over the TMP camp ground as the retreat continues.
On the other hand, BMW had done their final examination this whole week and  they have accomplished all the required projects in every subject. They are still working in their campus ministry every Wednesday. They are trying the best they can to accommodate every section of the junior and senior high school.
We are praying that the situation will be under control and this commotion in our country will come to an end. We are hoping peace and order in the whole Philippines.
In Him,
Fernando and Genelie Tan

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