Work progresses quickly on Mweru project

 Greetings in the wonderful name of our Lord and King Jesus Christ. Hope you are all doing well. We have a challenge on internet connection as the network is very poor in the area. We have continued working on the Lake Mweru Rescue unit and the work is progressing well. We have been able to work on the house to house the Facilitators there as well as the shelter for MSSM. We have several challenges such as water and materials slowing us down on our work. Right now I’m in Mansa to buy timbers for the Shelters as it is the only place you can get timbers, as the timbers in the area are cut from any tree they can find and are not durable. We ask you to continue praying for us as we set up the Sunday school. WE have three locations set and we need four more. Pray also that we can get them all built by the end of October.
The area is here really suits the ministry of AOSC and MSSM as they are hundreds of people everywhere we go. The villages just goes along the Road and it is hard to mark the catchment area. We thank God for the opportunity to bring the gospel of our Lord in this area. We also thank you for all the support you have given that allows us to the people in this area and many other areas in Zambia, we pray for God’s blessings on you and all the staff there. This is as of yesterday by 5 pm. 
In Christ service Oscar Chama.

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