Announcement Regarding the Transition of Leadership at Teen Missions International:

TMI Board Members (present) October 2018

Teen Missions International would like to announce that new officers have been elected to its Governing Board as part of our annual officer elections.  On October 9, 2018 Marva Peck was elected to the office of Treasurer; Gay Petersen was elected to the office of Secretary; Larry Wadman was elected to the office of Vice-President; and Richard Barber was elected to the office of Board President.  According to the Constitution of Teen Missions, the Board President also serves as the Director of Teen Missions.

All four of these officers replace the former officers: Gayle Will (former Secretary/Treasurer), Bob Lane (former Vice-President), and Robert M. Bland (former President). These three former officers are still board members of Teen Missions and each represents decades of service to the ministry of Teen Missions.  No words could adequately express our gratitude for the many years of faithful service by these former officers.

Continue to pray for the staff of Teen Missions worldwide.





  1. I always enjoyed my volunteering at Teens as the leadership put me at projects that always challenged me and blessed me as well as them.
    God knew what he was doing as his plan when he gave the original officers the challenge and vision which is history today and continuing on as they hand the torch to able bodied new leadership.

    I hope to be there again this winter to serve.

    Well done !

  2. I’m so grateful for the years of sacrifice and service given by the founder and others. Their vision has multiplied exponentially. And I’m full of hope for the years to come.

  3. Dear Bob and Bob & Betty and Widder – my heart is sad, but happy because Christ will always be honored through TMI. What an impact you have had on the lives of 50,000 teens, kids, at least 2 leaders ! and all those reached around the world for Jesus. We were so privileged to have served the Lord under your leadership.
    I remember Bob Bland said once in a rally that someone had asked him when he was going to pass the torch of leadership. Bob answered “I am carrying my torch to heaven, let them get their own torch”. What an example to all of us who might be tempted to quit. Like the boot camp message “Don’t Quit”. I will continue to pray for all of you, because I know you are not quitting and never will. Just letting someone else have a try at saying Hi Ya,setting up teams in Europe, and building a 500 gallon milkshake!
    I love you all, and will pray for you- ministry,health, & your vision for America.
    “Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today and forever” Heb 13:8
    Nancy Hancock, with Bud’s approval from heaven.

  4. God bless you Rich and Gina Barber.Wishing you all at TMI the Lords blessings and enrichment in Grace. TMI is such a great ministry to know and work with. Laila Nour – Holy Land

  5. Thank you for years of faithful service Gayle, Bob, and Bob! Well done! I am excited about Richard and Gay being put in these positions. Larry I don’t know you, but pray all three of you are filled with God’s wisdom and vision for the future!

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