Doug & Barb Petersen Newsletter (Fall 2018)

Dear Family and Friends,

The Usual

We are in the routine of the BMW (Bible School) with mid-term tests this next week. At the end of each month, we send staff to visit, encourage, and take wages to the Rescue Units, Circuit Riders, and Matrons. We are busy sending reports, keeping books,  doing maintenance, and the other jobs that keep things running.

The Unusual

One unexpected surprise came when the Zambian Government decided to raise the minimum wage, 70 percent in some cases. It seemed that we were in that predicament, but after talking to the Labor Board, they helped us find a way to be legal, as well as give our staff an increase that we could fit into our budget. It will take a small increase in our budget, but nothing like the full 70% hike. How we thanked the Lord for giving us this answer.  

Yoder farewell at airport

Another Unusual thing happened

I was writing reports from the Rescue Units and as I began to write this one testimony, my eyes got bigger and bigger. I am not sure if you will believe me, but I checked the story out with Samuel and Chrispine who were there and prayed for this woman. Their report from the Lunsala Unit is next.

Well Drilling

They heard about a woman who was overdue with the delivery of her baby. They visited her since she lived close by the Unit. She had tried everything, including witchcraft, to try to bring forth her baby. Samuel and Chrispine prayed for her and led her and her husband to Jesus.  The next day or so they heard crying and commotion at the woman’s village. They went there to see what was happening only to find the people wailing and crying loudly. They went inside to check and found the lady was dead. She had not delivered either. The people said she died at 12 noon. It was now 12:30. The guys sent everyone out of the house, except the family.  The guys started praying and said that they kept on until almost 1:00 o’clock. They asked God for His mercy and that the woman would come back to her body. They stopped praying a few minutes before 1:00. All of a sudden, one of the people in the room said that they saw her move. Everyone watched closely and they saw another movement. Then she sat up and said, “What is happening?” when she saw the people around her. That same afternoon she gave birth to her baby and both the mother and the baby were fine. The husband had to be calmed down because he was very angry with the witch doctor who had taken 400 Kwacha from them and it was God who was the answer to their cries. Our staff told him, “No you cannot go kill him because now you are a Christian.” 

Pumping Water

This story from Steve Kasoma from the Sims Circuit:

One time we started off going to Nyambala village to teach Sunday school. We reached a certain bridge and we found a broken bridge. We came off the bike and pushed the bike and unfortunately we saw a mad bull coming toward us. It started chasing us. It was wounded and nearly there. There was a fire behind us in the bush and we were not able to do anything but stay there since we were surrounded by the fire behind. We prayed to God, waiting to see what was going to happen to us. Steve shouted at the bull and it stopped as it was told to stop. The bull started going back to where it came from and it left us shivering and sweating, praying and thanking God for stopping the bull. We went on and told the people we found in the next village and they said that it has hit into more people and the previous one has a broken spine and ribs and he was nearly dead. We  said, “What an act of God and that God is good and He is merciful that He has spared us not to be damaged by a bully bull.”  Praise God all the time in Jesus name, Amen

Great grandson Langdon Samuel Rohde

News Bulletins:

• Great grandparents for the first time!  Courtney (Sarah’s daughter) and Sam Rohde are blessed parents of a new “preemie”. Courtney had to have a C Section—she is now fine and at home. Langdon Samuel will be coming home soon.

• Peter and Bev Salisbury are visiting their beloved Zambia for two weeks after visiting family in South Africa. We are really enjoying their company.

• Summer heat has arrived. The days are around 90 degrees and we await the rains that may start at the end of October.

• The US summer team has come and gone. They managed to dig three working wells at two Rescue Units and one Matron Unit. We praise God for success and for clean, close drinking water at each place.

• The team made many friends at each place. The children really loved them.

• Robert and Dorah Yoder and their children left us to run the South African base. We miss them so much already, but we are happy for them to have this new opportunity and experience.

• We sent a truck and a loaded bus with supplies up to Mansa and Lake Mweru. The school here circled the vehicles in prayer on a foggy day and sent Oscar Chama and Davies Kaoma on their way.

Thank you so much to all of our dear supporters and prayer partners. TMI staff is back to work now and we will soon be seeing the records for the summer. We thank you for your faithfulness because you are so faithful and have been all through these years. There is no way to say thank you enough for all that you have done to keep us in Zambia. We are in awe of what God has done here and praise God that we can continue for as long as He wills.  Thank you for you prayers. As you know, this is the basic foundation of this work. May God bless you and keep you always.  

Thank you for joining your hands with ours as we labor together,

In His Harvest,

Doug and Barb Petersen

Matthew 6:33  Galatians 2:20

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More Well Drilling
Locals all mixed in with the team
Lady Leader Beth Grey in front of her kitchen
truck and bus loaded for Mansa

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