Todd & Rosemary MacPherson Newsletter (Fall 2018)

Dear Friends and Family,

I’m beginning this letter as we drive home past brown fields, herds of distant cows, and round hay bales. Todd is listening to The Greatest Showman soundtrack and Shemar just informed us that the sky is orange. Morning is coming. 

The whole family

Our family is enjoying a lot of mornings (or beautiful beginnings). We went to visit Ontario for a beautiful wedding between Todd’s twin brother (Spencer) and his bride (Becky). Todd, Shemar and Kara were all in the wedding. Todd was a groomsmen; which helped for when Shemar, a ring bearer, and Kara, a flower girl, walked down the aisle. With Todd there, they had someone they knew to walk towards.

Because of the wedding we were able to meet our niece who is a sweetheart at 10 months of age. Plus the kids got to meet their cousin and see so many of the family that they only see from time to time. We are loved and love our friends and family in Ontario and enjoy every chance we get to see them. 

Spencer and Becky’s Wedding

The last beginning that I want to mention is that Shemar is six years old this year, and we have started homeschooling.  He is officially registered with the school division and is enjoying listening to books, and practicing pencil control.  It is interesting to see the beginning, because I don’t remember how I learned to read and write. As I am teaching it, I realize how much effort and practice it took to get to where I am. If you need an idea of where the beginning is, think “2”s that look like “S”.

On a Teen Missions front, this year we had nine Canadian teens out of 300 teen team members who went on mission trips this summer. We want to let more Canadian teens know that there is an option to come with Teen Missions Int’l for their summer, so promotions for Teen Missions has been one of the focuses for this year. To help with this Linda Evans has returned! 

Linda Evans

With our focus on promotions right now, Camp Outlook is on standby. We want to get the camp up and running so it can be a Canadian Boot Camp. The dates for the current Boot Camp are not ideal for Canadians, as Boot Camp in Florida starts two weeks before school ends in Canada. So it would be nice to have an alternative; however, to do that takes resources and manpower that is not available to us at this moment. Please pray with us as we seek God to determine what God’s desire for Camp Outlook and any other solutions to the inconvenient dates for Canadians. 

Beginnings are exciting and exhausting —so many new things to learn and enjoy and so many old things to give up. It is exciting to add to our family and do new things. However, it is exhausting to change and create new routines. So, as our family returns from a visit with much loved family and friends, I look forward to home. 

In Christ,

~Todd & Rosemary

+Shemar, Kara, Philip, Timothy

2 Cor. 12:9-10


▪ Phillip healing well

▪ That we had some Canadians go on teams

▪ A well running van that gets us from place to place


▪ For wisdom about Camp Outlook and the two-week difference of when school gets out and Boot Camp begins.

▪ For Former Team Members as they adjust to being home

▪ For Shemar and Rosemary as we start homeschooling

PS. Phillip is continuing to heal well. He has been allowed to completely take off his compression clothes and has been out of them most of the summer. And now he can show off his dirty blonde curls. He has one surgery scheduled for this winter, if God allows, to release his ear from the side of his head. 

At the Farm for Birthdays
Roslyn with kids

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