Loretta Smith Newsletter (Fall 2018)

Greetings to all my supporters, family, prayer warriors, brothers and sisters!

Here we are in S. Africa! Yip, a new country for me…they drive on the wrong side of the road, the driver’s seat is on the right, the shift is on my left…oh, my old dogs can learn new tricks, just need patience and lots of prayer.

My assignment is to finish the setup of the Old Testament Tabernacle that was built here in the last four years. The Tab, as I will call it, is sitting on an empty lot that looks like the wilderness. Bushes, with thorns that if stepped on, go right through the bottom of you shoes…ouch! And tall grass is all around. It has an authentic look.

I left Mongolia and returned to our USA base in Florida on June 29. Then I was placed on a team to Puerto Rico for two  weeks in July. When I returned, I was asked to open the Tab tours in S. Africa! As many of you know, giving tours of Christ in the Tabernacle are a special joy for me. 

4,000 years ago God told Moses to build Him a Tabernacle where He would dwell with His people, and Moses was to build it I just as He told him. What was God doing? He was going to prophecy of His Son and His Redemption. The Tabernacle is a story about God’s Son and our salvation through the blood of Jesus! Wow I’m excited!

Well, it’s been a busy year! A good year! Mongolia opened its first Bible Missionary & Work Training Center. We had five students in the spring and two are still with us in their 3rd term of lessons. The Lord has provided teachers and translators.

Our summer Boot Camp had doubled in size from last year, and what an experience for all. We experienced heavy rains, flooded tents, swollen rivers on two sides of the camp, trucks couldn’t get to our camp with supplies so leaders waded in the rivers to the campers.

One team did a government project—restoring the beaver population. The team worked on a beaver farm, working gardens that grow food for the beavers. Oh my, last time I was around beavers was when we were trying to clear them out of our camp area at Spring Canyon Camp in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Why would they want more wild beavers? But the team got to do evangelism in the area where many people were camping.

Our second team worked in a village with a local pastor, reaching the children with the Gospel of Christ. The team also did repairs to a local church.

Heaven was rejoicing when five team members gave their hearts to Jesus!

While all this work was going on in the rain, my staff lady, who works very hard, had her Ger (that’s the tent home that she lives in year around) was broken into. Thieves stripped all of the copper wiring, stole cook and heating stoves and anything of value was taken. If the Lord should move you to help her and her three children, please send donations to Teen Missions and request it go to Gana and family in Mongolia. Thanks!

So my main job description is Mongolia Coordinator, but I can only be there 180 days a year. We are trying to get me a visa, but no luck as yet. I’ve been told to marry a Mongolian man and I will get a free visa!! We’ll leave that one alone I think. Since I can only be in Mongolia six months a year, Teen Missions keeps me busy doing whatever is needed! There is so much to do in missions; please pray that the Lord of the harvest will send forth more laborers into a His harvest fields. We need people willing to give of their time and GO!

That brings me to my next point. We need volunteers here in S.Africa at the base—helpers with the Tabernacle tours, handy men/women. We can provide a room, not fancy, some hot water, transportation to and from the airport. You can take time off to see Africa and maybe do a Safari! If interested, please contact Teen Missions, phone 321-453-0350, ask for overseas volunteer coordinator.

As for me personally, our God is so good, He keeps me moving, not as fast as when I was younger, nor as flexible, but healthy. Blessed is the best way to say it. I am Blessed!

Signing off in His Name “Jesus”,

Sis Loretta 

Hebrews 13:8

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