Amanda Evans Newsletter (Fall 2018)

Hey Family and Friends,

It’s Fall!! Hope everyone had a great summer; I did.

This summer I got to help lead the team to Honduras with three other leaders. There were 18 team members—8 girls and 10 boys— and the head leaders’ two young kids traveled with us as well. We left for Honduras on July 1. We landed in San Pedro Sula, and stayed at the main base of Teen Missions for two nights and then headed for La Mosquitia which was a long road trip. First, we rode a bus for about six hours and during that ride the bus ended up having three flat tires. We ended up calling our next ride to come meet us at where we stopped instead of us meeting them. So all 24 of us with 48 bags and backpacks piled into the cab and the back of three pickup trucks. We drove about five hours to where we met the boat (canoe like). It took two trips to get us all over to the island where the second Teen Missions base is located; The boat ride was only about five minutes. We stayed there for two weeks and during that time enjoyed getting to meet the staff and students. Everyday we would divide the team in half. One group would work on our project which was to build a wash stand (a place to wash laundry). And the other half would go out by boat to villages where we did get-togethers like a Sunday school. They went throughout the village inviting everybody they could find to come to our get-together. They did a presentation where they shared the Gospel through songs, puppets, and drama. And afterwards they played games, colored and took pictures. The team really enjoyed playing with the kids. It was very beautiful there.

One of the many trips on the boat

After our two weeks there, we traveled back to the main base of TMI. There we worked on the long driveway, laying concrete down so when people drove up the driveway they wouldn’t get stuck when it rained. Some of the afternoons we went to a couple of different schools and taught phonics or helped them with conversations in English. One of the schools took us out to this restaurant that had a swimming pool and paid for our lunch which was a nice treat. We also went to El Cajón Dam, really high up and beautiful. On Sundays we went to different churches and did presentations. Near the end of our time in Honduras we went souvenir shopping. Chico and Kathy, who were the head leaders and run the bases in Honduras year-round, stayed behind. But when we got to the airport their son, who was the other leader, couldn’t come back with us. So, with God, I brought the team back by myself; We got back safe and sound for Debrief. It was great summer!!

Helping out at debrief

After the summer I went on my deputation/vacation road trip. I love driving and got to see many friends and had the opportunity to share about my summer and what I do. My first stop was in Georgia and then I traveled to Tennessee, Kentucky and then on to Ohio. In northern Ohio I was able to speak at a church; Then I traveled to Pennsylvania where we had Labor Day Party and I was able to share about the ministry there as well. As I was driving through Virginia to get to North Carolina, I got to see more friends and got to see some of DC since I had never been there before. There is a lot to see there; I want to go back to spend a lot more time. My last stop was in North Carolina where I got to share again. The last day I went to Billy Graham’s Library, and then I finally made it to Merritt Island at midnight on the 10th of September. It was a long trip and busy, but great. I want to thank everyone who let me stay at their house or speak at their church or in small group.

The team at the Waterfall

Five days after I got back I went on another road trip with seven other staff members to Texas to go put up the life-size replica of the Old Testament Tabernacle. We stayed at different peoples’ houses and the church fed us well. We also had some people come and help us. We also got to meet up with a friend. The trip went really well.

Thank you to all my supporters for your prayers and financial support. I could not do all this without you.

One last thing I want to let you know. I’m saving up to buy a car. I am very grateful for the car I have now, but it is not road worthy. (I had to borrow a car to make my deputation trip.) I feel like I need a car that is more reliable so that I can visit supporters and share about the ministry when the opportunities arise. If you are interested in helping with this, please use the coupon below to send it with your donation. Again, I thank you for your prayers and financial gifts.

In Christ,


Amanda Evans

Beautiful Waterfall
Playing games
The El Cajón Dam
The view from the Dam

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