Oscar & Maureen Chama Newsletter (Fall 2018)

Greetings in the wonderful name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I pray this newsletter finds you all well and strong. We are fine and the Lord has been so gracious to us and to the family. It has been a while since you heard from us and so I will try to highlight what has been happening in our lives and ministry.

This year has been really busy for me. The year started with the construction of a Mission Bible School in Mansa and I was out working there for over three months. The construction was completed and the Bible school was opened in April. We have eight students in that Bible school who are zealous for the Lord and are looking forward to heading to the mission field. What a joy and a blessing to have been part of the work happening there! The Bible school is doing outreaches, and so far over 50 people have come to know the Lord through their outreaches.

I returned home for two weeks and then left for Lufwanyama to run the Orphan Boot Camp. It was hard to leave the family again after only returning from a long and tiring project. I went to Lufwanyama to train the teenagers and through that program, 167 people came to know the Lord. I am grateful that heaven is being populated through this ministry. At the end of the camp, I returned home and was with the family for a little while before I left to go to our Muchinshi Dorms to work on the roof of the dorm as it was falling in. This dorm helps the disadvantaged girls who in the past were sexually abused. Teen Missions has built a dorm to keep them safe while they are in school. We have two Bible school graduates who take care of these girls. When we completed that work, I then went on to our Ngosa Rescue Unit to do a roof on our facilitators house. I was able to finish that and within days, I took a group to do another roof at the Circuit Riders base in Milulu. After finishing that roof, I returned home for three weeks.

I then left to set and construct the Orphan Rescue Unit, set up seven Sunday school locations and construct shelters for them. As I write, I’m in a place called Nchelenge, serving the Lord. I have been here now for a month and have a month to go. I hope and pray that I and the group I’m working with will get the job done. I will return home the first week of November.

I thank God for my family who allows me to go serve the Lord in many places, because they love the Lord and want to see others come to the Lord too. Maureen has been doing secretarial work back at the head office as well as teaching in the Bible school there. She has her hands full with the kids and work.

We want to thank you for your support towards our kids’ education. May the good Lord richly bless you. This whole year was taken care of and we were able to concentrate on the work of the Lord without worrying about it. Thank you!

The girls are working hard in school. Tehillah is doing grade 10 and she is among the top two best students in her class. She is working hard and improving all the time. Chimwemwe (Joy) is doing sixth grade and is doing very well. In her last term grades, she had eight As and two Bs. Comfort had straight As. We thank you for making it possible for my girls to be in school. Next year we will be having educational needs for the girls school fees and it is $300 for each girl for the whole year. We need $900 to keep them in school. If the Lord leads you to help with any amount, please write it as the Chamas Girls’ education. 

We are grateful for all your support both financially and in prayer. We are humbled by your  support over the years. We know your support means us continuing to serve the Lord and that we will do until we drop dead. May God bless and keep you.

In Christ Service,

The Chamas. 

James 1:27

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