Thomas & Jackie Kabwata Newsletter (Fall 2018)

Greetings from Zambia, the real Africa

We always have much to share, but with a lot going on, we get carried away. It is always a pleasure to sit down and share what the Lord is doing here in Zambia. Our ministry in Zambia is growing day by day. We have 42 students in our BIBLE, MISSIONARY & WORK Training Centers. Ndola has 32 students and Mansa has 10. We praise God for each one.

We have been coordinating and  teaching at our base for the past 17 years and we have seen both young women and men serving the Lord. Thomas does most of the errands at the base and also makes “encourager” trips to our AIDS Orphans Rescue Units in the rural areas. I (Jackie) help in teaching classes, cook in the kitchen and also work with the students outside to encourage them in doing more agriculture. We are also raising free-range chickens (village chickens) to help us raise support for our students, since most of them came from our Rescue Units. These precious missionaries need your prayers since most of them have no families and Teen Missions is all they have. It is for this reason we work hard and try to help these lives and equip them for the ministry.

2018-2019 – Boot Camp is around the corner. Please pray that God will bring hundreds of kids to the Lord’s Boot Camp. This year we are going to have eight teams and we are all set for them. We value your prayers and support as we just started recruiting for our camp. Please pray for Thomas as he runs this camp. He needs grace, strength and wisdom. We also need your prayers during Boot Camp since we have ministries that bring teenagers who were born with the HIV virus and the kids are so confused about God’s love and how to deal with this stigma. As soon as they receive Jesus, His Love and Holy Spirit transform them. We take time to counsel them and pray with them, and God gives them hope.


Our family is well by God’s grace. Our eldest daughter, “Nema “, is in college. She is studying to be a Religious History and English teacher and she is doing well. Jessica is in 6th grade and is the highest in Math. That is so encouraging. Timothy is in 4th grade. He was supposed to be in 3rd grade, but was promoted a grade ahead. He is a quick learner in most subjects. He can read any book and is so gifted in many things. Thom Greg is in kindergarten. He was the first to be enrolled at a new school, hence nicknamed school secretary. Thanks very much for all your school support and your prayers. May the good Lord richly bless you with many blessings. We are so blessed as a family. The Lord is our strength. Some days are so challenging, but we keep on pushing and serve the Lord.

Thank you very much for your support towards Teen Missions and to us as a family. We are so grateful to the Shiloh Mission Board for helping our kids go to school. What a blessing to receive many blessings. We are also grateful for all our supporters, family and friends. May the Lord enlarge your territories in Jesus’ Name. Amen. God bless you all.

In His service, 

Thomas, Jackie, Neema, Jessica, Timothy, ThomGreg

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