January News Update from Teen Missions in Malawi

First I would like to thank you for keeping us in your prayers. 

The health of the staff and students has been good! We are waiting on Annie Makala to give birth any day now and we heard the exciting news that 2 other staff ladies are expecting to give birth this year! Between 2018 and 2019 there will be many babies with Teen Missions in Malawi!

Canaan was down sick for a day and I am also fighting some issues with my stomach.

The weather has been very rainy. Chipoka has been receiving rain since November which has made for a very wet season but we praise God. Just in this week that I have been in the country we have received more rain fall than we did all of 2018 rain season last year. Of course it makes getting around difficult and even getting from the road to the base is a little bit of work. I got stuck on the way back from getting pig food today. Thankfully there were people around who were willing to help push us out. A tree also fell over this afternoon and damaged the roof of our BMW storage building. We will have to get it fixed. All the rain has been good for our gardens and the way it looks right now we will have a good harvest if things continue to go the way they are right now. The only issue we will have in Malawi is that since we had so little rain last year there was not a good harvest and since the crops are still growing we may see starvations during the months of February and March. So please pray for us to be a help and a blessing with what we have.

I mentioned in another email that the chief over House of Peace Rescue Unit in Dowa ‘has died’. He was welcoming to us but also gave some problems to the unit. We don’t believe he was a believer and this is sad for us. We continue to pray for his family and in the village to share the good message with everyone there. I was at the funeral along with Precious who runs the unit and 2 staff from Chipoka. I gave a speech and Miscious  came with me and preached a Gospel message during the ceremony. We praise God for that opportunity and for more like it to share about Christ’s work on the cross.

The big news around the Chipoka base is that our maize mill has been repaired. After more than 6 years of not working we have repaired everything that was bad and now people are coming to us to get their maize milled into flour and we are also not paying others to mill our maize either! We are hoping to use the maize mill as a point of ministry to have our students pray for every customer that comes and share the gospel with them and give them a tract, or wordless bracelet for them to bring to their homes to share with others. Please pray for this program. Not only is the maize mill a great help to us and hopefully will make a little profit but we will also be able to use it as a tool to tell more people about Christ.

I am very happy with the way that the staff handled things while I was gone. They made good financial decisions and I am thankful for the way they all worked together as a team to get everything done. Miscious (the BMW Coordinator in Chipoka) is a great leader and really took the lead with the things around the country. I would not be successful here without Miscious and so many of the other staff working together with me. It really is a team effort and I am thankful to be a part of this team for such a time as this.

Please continue to pray for us here that we would be wise in the way of the Lord and be sensitive to His leading us.

God bless,

Teen Missions Malawi
Country Coordinator

Seth Phippen
Matthew 6:33

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