December Update from Cambodia

This week went very well. Praise the Lord, all the teachers were able to come during the week, except for the teacher who normally teaches on Saturday morning. So, this means that the students had class every morning, as well as afternoon class on Wednesday and Friday. Monday and Tuesday, the students had their English class and practiced for the Christmas party that will be on the 18th. They did their weekly cleaning on Thursday afternoon since Pastor Argy needed Friday afternoon to teach. 

On Saturday, the students made the most of the extra time from not having class in the morning by working off their minutes. Some of them have racked up quite a load, so I believe that there was only one student that was able to have that time for free time in the morning! While the intern guys monitored the SBers, the girls, and the one unpunished student, went to the market to buy food for the pizza party later that day, and to buy the kitchen staples for the poor. After lunch, all of the intern girls and one of the guys, Pech, started to make food for the party. We made one sheet of cookies and 12 small pizzas. The students decorated the classroom with homemade Christmas decorations. We also celebrated one of the student’s, Ruth, birthday at the same time. It was a fun filled night. 

On Sunday, the students went to the village for church and a Christmas celebration for the children. After worship in the morning, they helped to prepare the vegetables and cook the soup for the party. The pastor there shared the Christmas message and some of the young people from the church did a drama of the nativity. Then all the children got a gift of noodles and some candy and snacks. Praise the Lord for the opportunity to be a part of that. 

Prayer Requests:

  • Pray for the students to learn and grow in their relationships with God during their time here.
  • Pray for the upcoming Christmas party. At least 200 to 300 people are expected to attend, and many will be unbelievers. It is an incredible ministry opportunity.
  • Pray for open hearts for all of the unbelievers, and that the Holy Spirit will move through the people who are speaking and preaching.
  • Pray for health for all of the staff, interns, and students.
  • Pray for Teacher Nelly as she is home with her family.
  • Pray that she will be able to rest and be refreshed during that time. Also pray for her to have opportunities to be a witness to her unbelieving friends and family.

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