Jessica Wiggins Newsletter (Fall 2018)

Dear Friends and Family,

I have some very exciting news to share with all of you! And I’ll be keeping everyone updated as to any changes that might happen, as we are open to God’s will in everything. He is the One that guides our steps as we choose our path.

The time I spent in Madagascar in 2017 brought a whole new world to my perspective! I never before realized how strongly God’s calling could be! He struck chords deep within my soul, like only He could! God showed me how He would use the gifts He has given me for His purpose, and His glory and for His people. How my heart for evangelism, discipleship and love for other cultures is the very foundation He would use for my future ministry. He opened my eyes to the love of my life, Fifaliana, and has bonded us closer than either he or I could have ever imagined, despite the time difference and distance.

My exciting news is that after raising support last year, I have finally been able to join staff with Teen Missions International (TMI)!!!! I will be serving the Lord in Florida for the time being, by working in the Personnel Department as the receptionist.

Mine and everyone’s goal here is for me to go and serve God overseas in Madagascar. However, I have some more support to raise before I am able to go. I’m short $256 per month. I need eleven people to donate $25 per month for me to reach my goal. Praise the Lord for His faithfulness and provision up to this point.

Another goal I have before I can go to Madagascar is to learn a couple of things so I can be better equipped to serve God and the Malagasy people. If you all would pray for and with me for these things, I’d be super thankful!!

1) That I would be obedient to God and His commands.

2) That I will not be stoic in my faith and my love for God’s Word, but that I would learn and grow in them and allow His Spirit to lead and guide me; and that I’d be flexible like the Holy Spirit is.

3) That I would put my whole heart, mind, soul and strength into trusting God and in serving Him and that I’d guard my heart from worry, anxiety and passivity.


Some more exciting news is that I am engaged to the love of my life, Fifaliana Rakotovao (pronounced Fee-fa-lee-na Rock-oo-too-vow) on December 11, 2018, and I said “yes”!!!!! I know there are many trials and tests awaiting us, but we know we can face anything when we stand together in Christ! Amen. God willing, we will be united in the bonds of marriage on December 14, 2019 in Mahajanga, Madagascar. Fifaliana and I are planning on serving God overseas in Madagascar for the foreseeable future! Of course, all our family and friends are invited!!! You will need to pay for the flight there and back, VISA, as well as housing, food and anything else you might need while there. For those of you who can’t make it, we understand, but don’t worry!!! Fifa and I are planning on having a reception in the States two years after we are married and after Fifa has his passport and VISA for the States! If you are wondering how you can give a gift to us, please call me! My phone number is (208) 995-5746!!! 

Please pray for and with us as we endeavor to start this exciting new chapter of our lives together!

1) That God would continue to mold and shape our hearts to be what the other needs and so we can serve God and the Malagasy people to our highest capabilities and with our whole hearts, minds, souls, and strength!!!

2) That we would be open to changing and adapting to each other and our different cultures; as well as that I would continue to grow in my love for the Malagasy people and knowledge of their language and that both of us would be beneficial to the ministry of TMI over there!

3) That we would continue to be open to and to obey the Holy Spirit’s leading in our lives and that we will be a strong and united front for the Gospel of Jesus Christ

Summer Plans

As for this summer, I am still waiting on confirmation as to which team I will be assigned. My prayer is that I will be put where I am needed. It’s amazing to me, how God started all of this when I was just 15 years old! I went on my first team to Borneo, Indonesia—not where I expected to go, but where He could use me the most! Praise the Lord for how His ways and plans are perfect!

Thank You!

Fifa and I both want to express our deep gratitude for all who do support us on our journey that God has us on! Thank You for your faithful support and prayer over the years and we are super grateful for your prayers and financial support now! We can’t wait to serve God together with you!!!


1) I’m on staff with Teen Missions! (For those of you who’ve known me for a while, this has been something that I’ve been working towards for five years!)

2) That Fifaliana and I are engaged!!!

3) For all of YOU who support us in prayers, money, health insurance, phone, encouragement and more!!!

Additional Prayer Requests:

1) Pray for Fifa’s ministry doing Sunday schools at 8 villages every week. Please pray for his safety and adjustment to the south base in Madagascar—he moved there from the north base a month or so ago. Please pray also, for wisdom and guidance as he teaches General Epistles there at their Bible college.

2) Please pray for his mom, Berthine. She has a horrible infection in her leg that causes her great pain, despite the doctor’s help. Also, pray for Fifa to trust God in this, as it is hard on his heart to see his mom in pain.

3) Please pray for eleven more people to support me monthly for $25 per month. The minimum monthly support a TMI staff member can have is $600 per month. When Fifa and I are married that will raise to $1,200 per month. Please pray, too, that God would provide more monthly supporters for when we are married. 

Thank you all and God bless you and your families!!! Please let me know how we can pray for you, as YOU are a very VITAL part of our ministry as missionaries for our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ! If you want to know more about Teen Missions, please check out their website: Or if you are wondering how you can best help me, please visit my blog at and click on the “How You Can Help” page.

Love in Christ,

Jessica Wiggins

Joshua 22:5

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