Richard & Gina Barber Newsletter (Winter 2019)

Dear Friends,

Our last letter ended with a note that Richard had just been elected as President/Director of Teen Missions. This is a new role for Richard, but he has had the backing and support of a great Board and staff. Things are going well and everyone is working together to continue and grow this wonderful ministry that God has placed us in. As many of you have seen on the Teen Missions Facebook page, there will be some changes to the 2019 Boot Camp: Rapture Practice is being removed, there will be a Mission’s Conference with representatives from various mission organizations and colleges, Brainstorming will be replaced with a team prayer time and a few other things.  Our Former Team Members need to check out our website; perhaps you’ll find a team you would like to register for.

Again, let us share that we have a great staff to work with. We are a small group but everyone is pulling together to make this a great place to serve. We are in need of additional staff. If you have ever felt the call of the Lord to serve in missions, please consider Teen Missions. It’s a privilege to work with the youth here in the U.S. and around the world. 

Teen Mission Updates

I (Gina) have also had a major role change here at TMI. I am now working in the Finance Department. There’s a lot to do there and many changes to be made and I feel pretty overwhelmed at times. I’m thankful that former staff, Shonn and Lori Foy, have been here volunteering. Shonn has been working diligently in the Finance Department, helping with the restructure of our accounting procedures and Lori has been covering the reception desk as I am no longer available. We will miss them when their time here comes to an end and they return home. I will also continue to order all of the food for the summer teams. Please pray for both Richard and I as we continue to serve.

For our adult friends – We hear that’s it getting pretty cold up North and we need volunteers in the South. Big Tops go up in April, an upcoming Mud Run is in May and there is maintenance work year-round. If you have a week or even a month, please give us a call and we’ll find you something to do here in sunny Florida. 

Water Issues

Outside of Teen Missions, our lives have been a bit busy too. We found that we had a water leak under the house which is a concrete slab. (It’s a lot easier to find when you have a basement.) We could not find the leak so we ended up putting new water lines in the house. We finished and everything looked great. The night before we were to leave for Ohio, we found that there was a tiny leak in the one room of the house that has carpet in it. Richard fixed the leak and we cleaned the room, swept up as much of the water from the carpet as we could, put fans in the room and opened the window. We finally finished up around 10:30 that evening. Richard considered staying an extra day, but I was ready to head for Ohio. We had friends staying at the house while we were gone and they were happy take care of turning off the fans and keeping an eye on things.  


Over Christmas we had some much-needed time with our kids and grandkids. It can be pretty hectic with all of us together in the same house and then add three dogs to the mix—it was great!  You would think that each year it would get easier to say goodbye at the end our time together, but it doesn’t. It’s just as hard as the first time we had to head for home. We had great time and look forward to next year when we can all be together again. We are also thankful for the time we were able to spend with Richard’s parents and mine.

We returned to Florida and had another week before we had to return to work. It is now time to make some decisions on what to do about the room that had the water leak. Since the room still had a nasty odor, we decided it was best to remove the carpet. As long as the carpet was up, I decided it would be a great time to paint the walls and we then started putting the new flooring down. We are pretty pleased with the results. 

Future Plans

Our future plans are looking pretty busy. We want to continue to be involved with the Ecuador Base as it is a special place for us. At some time, we hope to visit all 16 TMI bases worldwide, which means a lot of travel coming up. It is exciting to have the opportunity to meet all of our coordinators and staff around the world. We pray for them daily in our Teen Missions Prayer Closet and we will now get to meet them. Another plan is to visit the teams that are not at a TMI bases this summer. Many decisions to be made and plans to make—I just hang on for the ride and try to keep up. 

My health has been good. I continue to see my oncologist every three months. I have an appointment the end of January. I’m feeling well and have not seen any of the signs that the doctor told me to watch for, so things are looking pretty good. Thank you for your prayers. 

I know we always end our letters with a thank you for your prayers and support and we don’t want you think it is just a closing. We deeply appreciate your prayers, we feel them daily. We had a very generous financial gift in December which we are thankful for and we thank our dear friends for your faithful monthly gifts. You are all a vital part of this ministry.

In Christ, 

Prayer Requests:

• Wisdom for Richard as he oversees the Florida base and the bases overseas 

• Safety in our travels 

• Gina’s continued good health

• Additional staff for Teen Missions 


• Gina’s health

• Our family 

• A great group people that we work with 

• Richard has the know-how to take care of the repairs at the house 

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