Seth & Emily Phippen Newsletter (Winter 2019)

A Skip And A Hop Away…

After three months in the States, we are back in Malawi! We are excited to get back to work here and be with the Teen Missions team that we work with. It was hard to say goodbye to our friends and family, not knowing the next time that we would see them. That is one of the hardest things about living in Africa, but we are also so thankful for the technology that is available and that we can send pictures and even video chat with friends and family who are miles away.  

Visiting Over The Holidays…

Emily and I were so excited to get to spend the holidays in the Northeast and it was so encouraging to see many of you during our time stateside. Thank you to everyone who took the time to get together with us while we were there. It was great catching up with so many but when it’s time to go, we always feel like we didn’t get together with everyone that we wanted to. The kids loved being in New York for Christmas and although there wasn’t much snow, there was a nice thin layer of snow on Christmas morning. Thank you for praying for us as we traveled back to our home in Malawi. It was a long trip and we were all very tired by the end of it, but so thankful to be back here doing what God has called us to do.   

The Work In Malawi Goes On…

While we were stateside the work here in Malawi did not stop. I was able to do many things through my computer and using WhatsApp to communicate with the staff in Malawi was a great benefit. The Bible school students are doing great and at the campus where Emily and I live, they have planted a lot of things during this rainy season. There are maize, rice, tomatoes, cassava, lettuce and peanuts. There are also many banana trees that have great big bunches of bananas on them. The staff throughout the country are also doing well. One hard thing that they faced was the rise of the price of fuel. Now it’s over $4 a gallon. When the price of fuel goes up so does everything else—transport, food, clothes, etc. and it makes it even more difficult for everyone to get the things they need for each day. We have heard many good stories of lives changed both through the Bible school and through our orphan programs while we were away and we continue to thank God for the Malawians that we get to work alongside each and every day. They love the Lord and they love their neighbors and are doing their best to be faithful to the Lord through the work He has them involved in.

Thank you for praying for us and making it possible for us to be part of this team who is bringing Malawi the light of Christ through the Word of God.          


He was very excited to get back to his home and to see his friends in Malawi. Although he was shy at first, that wore off after a few days of playing together! He and Lauren have been playing toys really well and it has been fun to watch the two of them interacting more while playing. He still loves legos and the ones that he got for his birthday and Christmas have been joined with the ones he has here to make unending adventures for him. He is very creative with the legos and it’s fun to see what he is going to think of doing next with the blocks.   


Lauren learned a lot about playing with dolls from my sister, Savannah. Now Lauren is a pro! She loves drawing and coloring and talking to Emma. She has taken some time to get used to the time change and for the first couple nights, she was waking up around 1 AM and was ready to get on with the day. She loves being back in Malawi and although she doesn’t remember a lot, she does remember the monkeys and almost every day she’s on the lookout for them. 


Our friends here were so excited to meet the new baby! They all wanted to hold her and look at her; they also love her hair.  She is beginning to babble more and more. She smiles a little more every day and loves to have someone just sit and talk to her. She has been sleeping very well and we are doing our best to keep mosquitos away from her.

We are so grateful for each of you who financially supported us in 2018. We have 72% of our monthly funds pledged for 2019. We are looking for 12 more people who would commit to supporting us $50 a month this year. Will you to help us continue serving the Lord here in Malawi?

Continue to pray for us as we start this new year:

__•Pray that God would be glorified through the ministry and __our lives. 

__•Pray for continued health and safety for us and the kids

__•Pray that we would keep our eyes focused on Jesus in __   

__every aspect of our lives

__•Pray for the people of Malawi to be saved

__•Pray that God would raise up Malawians who would go __and make disciples

In Christ, 

Seth & Emily Phippen

James, Lauren, & Emma

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