Tanner & Anna Besosa Newsletter (Winter 2019)

Greetings from Florida!

So much has taken place in the last few months and we are excited to share with you what the Lord has been doing. 

Winter Break

Through this winter season, Tanner and I have had several opportunities to see our family and to share with our churches which has been one of our greatest blessings. Not every holiday is one that we are able to travel, but we were able to visit Georgia for Thanksgiving and to stay in both North Carolina and Michigan over Christmas break.  God was faithful in those travels! We had experienced a lot of scary road situations, but arrived safely back in Florida at the beginning of January. 

We have also moved houses! The house that we had been living in on the property is being removed and we have moved into an apartment that is part of the dorm building that the students live in. We were grateful to have several helpers for moving everything and also helping make this our home. It was a bit overwhelming as we were in the middle of it, but we are looking forward to the new memories we will have in this home.

Work Update

As far as work goes, in the last few months things have been incredibly busy. In October the Teen Missions board voted in a new director and with that change comes several other changes that we are so excited to be a part of. Tanner is still working as the Bible school Coordinator and is working hard to ensure that things are going smoothly in the day-to-day operations as well as developing the program for the future. Tanner is also teaching another class this term, Pedagogy, the art of teaching. He loves teaching and this class especially as it is so interactive. At this time we have 10 students, two interns, and seven former and current students preparing for their internships. Tanner’s goal is to get 10 new students in the fall term. Please be praying that the Lord would lay it on the heart of those individuals! 

There has been a great shift in terms of spiritual emphasis in our student body in the last few months and we praise the Lord for that. Often, as they study the Bible day in and day out, it becomes easy to view the Bible simply as a textbook. The students as a whole have been combating that tendency and have intentionally begun to set up times to grow in their relationship with God and each other. Praise the Lord! 

I am still in the Finance Department. My work has changed a lot recently and it has been a growing experience. Right now I am still in charge of dealing with all of the donations that come into our office. Please pray that the Lord would help me to be diligent and accurate in that work. One of my favorite things that happens this time of year is that we start to see team members’ donations come in for their teams! The finances for these teenagers are just a small part of the preparation for the summer; however, to see God’s faithfulness in them is a privilege. 

Summer Team

Speaking of summer teams, Tanner and I will be leading the Madagascar Motorcycle team this coming summer! Boot Camp will begin in mid June when our team will arrive for the two weeks of training; a lot of our time will be spent on motorcycle training. In the beginning of July we will make our way over to the Teen Missions base in Mahajanga Madagascar. Our team will be using motorcycles to reach Sunday school locations in the bush to assist our Malagasy teachers. The team will be involved in teaching Bible stories, Bible memorization, phonics, playing with the children and helping out with any projects around the base. This will be our first overseas team as head leaders and we are looking forward to the challenges and growth it will bring.  

Thank you all so much for your prayers and support of our ministry here in Florida. We are so incredibly blessed to be able to work here at Teen Missions full time and to have our friends, family, and churches standing with us. We would love to hear updates from you and your family and also it would mean so much to us if we were able to lift any of your specific prayer needs up to the Lord. 


Tanner and Anna Besosa 

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