Timothy & Christi Chaffee Newsletter (Winter 2019)

Happy New Year Family, Friends and Former Team Members,

As we begin afresh a new year, we’d love to invite you to find out what is new with our family! Brielle has mastered climbing furniture and free falling to a cushioned surface and does not shy away from being the center of attention. David has developed an immense interest in building blocks such as Brik and Lego Duplo and make-believe play. Rebekah enjoys hands-on activities, specifically with art and science, and has had competing interests in ballerinas and horses, a long-time favorite of hers. Christi has begun minimizing our possessions so we could live a more free life and I have thoroughly reveled in building and acting out Lego scenes.

Personal Involvement

Lately, Christi has devoted a lot of time to ensuring Rebekah receives a proper home-school education and has therefore not served to the extent she was previously at Teen Missions, but she has spoken with the director about the possibility of some projects that could be taken home that she could help with by completing after our children go to sleep at night. My responsibilities remain as they have been, serving as audio engineer and video editor, in addition to serving outside once a week for early preparation of the upcoming Mud Run and Lord’s Boot Camp summer training.

Upcoming Summer

I’ve decided to serve as summer staff at Teen Missions headquarters this summer and will have many of my regular video responsibilities, on top of maintenance – specifically of Teen Missions grounds. This past summer, our family realized the importance of remaining together with future trips as Christi and our children spent the summer in Oregon with family, due to limited financial resources, and I went on to Ecuador. At this time, our son, David, is not prepared for some overseas experiences due to his special needs, but we anticipate as he gets a bit older he will respond more appropriately to situations he may face.

Summer Testimony

Mary from the Malawi Well Drilling team shared, “The trip is now coming to an end. I’ve learned a lot about my faith, myself and culture. I can’t wait to go home to my community, feeling refreshed in my faith.”

Overseas Testimony

This testimonial from Uganda is sharing the impact of Teen Missions in the life of AIDS orphan, Calvin Emyedu. “I greet you in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen. Allow me to take this time to appreciate Teen Missions International for the support given to me from 2006 when I was registered as an orphan, up to date.

It looks to be a dream when I remember where TMI [Teen Missions Int’l] found me because I had lost hope of studying since I lost my parents. I became a total orphan and life became hard with no one to stay with, no one to pay for my school fees. Sometimes I had no place to live and became very stranded and irregular at school since I was always sent away for school dues. When I reached to stay with my uncle, he would tell me to take care of his cows and whenever I would request him to pay for my school fees, he would always abuse and insult me while quarreling at me and at times chase me away from his home. Life started changing from worse to better when I got registered to TMI under TTT (an AOSC [AIDS Orphans & Street Children] Rescue Unit in Uganda) and started receiving support ranging from scholastic materials to what to eat. I got back to school in 2006 and in 2009 when I reached senior two, my uncle stopped me from going to TTT claiming that he will pay my school fees but all was in vain. I later got to the base and explained to the leaders who used to attend to me and in 2010, I ran from home to stay at TTT. I had to start from primary seven, then in 2011, I joined senior one and would stay at school from term one to term three when I would get back to TTT for holidays. However, in 2013, I entered senior three and life became hard when I would get back to TTT and they would tell me that the support is not there and I would be sent back to school with money got from sales of project animals. But in 2014, I became a candidate and the demand became too much and I was sent home for registration fees only, but my uncle totally refused claiming that he has his children to look after…but one thing I say is that may the glory go back to the Lord for the support because I completed senior four and entered senior five and six.

From your support, I have completed my studies. Thank you very much and may God bless you all. Amen. Because of the Lord working through TMI, we have seen lives of people being transformed from no hope to being hopeful. Thank you.”

Teen Missions’ Christmas Float


-Praise for our new supporter.

-Praise for David as he received autism and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder diagnoses. With these diagnoses, David may receive more specific care and therapies – especially behavioral. David likely has mild or moderate autism – not severe – but due to his hyperactivity it was difficult to gauge which severity and where he falls on the spectrum.

Prayer Requests

-Pray for continued support of Teen Missions and our family as our family is at low support.

-Pray for Teen Missions staff as we continue transitioning with our new director.

-Pray for Rebekah and David to have increasing desires to learn throughout the remainder of this school year.

-Pray for Christi and myself to keep our priorities straight and maintain balance throughout our busy lives.

-Pray for our health and safety in all we do.

Thank you for enabling us to encourage others with the hope that is found in Jeremiah 29:11. “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

In Christ,

The Chaffee’s

Timothy (321) 917-5598

Christi (321) 917-5613

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